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forensics chapter 11

vocabulary for chapter 11

algor mortis cooling of the body after death
autolysis spontaneous breakdown of cells as they self-digest
cause of death immediate reason for a person's death
death cessation, or end, of life
decomposition process of rotting and breaking down
forensic entomology study of insects as they pertain to legal issues
instar one of the three larval stages of insect development
larva (larvae) immature form of an animal that undergoes metamorphosis
livor mortis pooling of blood in tissues after death resulting in reddish color to the skin
manner of death 4 means by which someone dies
4 manners of death natural, accidental, suicidal, homicidal
mechanisms of death specific body failure that leads to death
pupa (pupae) stage of an insects life cycle when larva forms a capsule around itself and changes into adult form
rigor mortis stiffening of the skeletal muscles after death
autopsy examination of the deceased when suspicious or unnatural death occurs
lividity pooling of the blood in the body
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