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Daance / Mod III

Anesthtic Drugs and techniques

What is Ester a chemical structure created by the combination of an acid with an alcohol.
examples of ester local anesthetics procaine and cocaine
What is Amide a chemical structure derived from ammonia
Examples of Amide local anesthetics lidocaine, mepicacaine, prilocaine
What is a vascoconstrictor drugs that cause blood vessels to constrict
Examples of vascoconstrictors epinephrine
what are the four levels of sedation 1. minimal sedation (anxiolysis) 2. Moderate Sedation (consciouys sedation) 3. Deep Sedation (Analgesia) 4. General Anesthesia
Example of minimal sedation is ... diazepam (Valium) or midazolam (versed)
There is normal response to verbal stimuli with airways reflexes, ventilation and cardiovascular function unaffected Minimal Sedation (Anxiolysis)
Purposeful response to verbal or light tactile stimuli with no compromise of the airway and spontaneous ventilation and cardiovascular function usually maintained. Moderate Sedation (conscious sedation)
The patient cannot be easily aroused, but has purposeful response after repeated or painful stimuli. The patient may require assistance for maintenance of the airway and ventilation, but cardiovascular function is usually maintained. Deep Sedation (Analgesia)
The patient is not arousable, even with painful stimulation. Airway intervention is required and positive pressure ventilation may be required. Cardiovascular function may be impaired. General Anesthesia
N2O should be mixed with no less than what % of O2 30%
how long do you "wash out" the patient after N2O 100% oxygen for 3-4 minutes
How long does it take a patient to recover from N2O aprox 15 minutes
an example of a hypnotic anesthetic is propofol
what is the only dissociative anesthetic on the market Ketamine
Ketamine provides what for the paitent Profound analgesic, amnesia,
ketamine is metabloized where liver
Oxygen is kept in what color cylinder Green
what is EMLA Eutectric Mixture of Local Anesthetic
what is EMLA used for to pre-numb an area before venipuncture, especially for children used with N2O
what is a hallmark sign of narcotic effects pinpoint pupils
Antihistamines in relatively low doses can do what counteract the nausea associated with dizziness and motion sickness
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