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The Crucible

Reverend Parris Controlling, Egotistical, doesn't have much concern past his own, hell fire preacher.
Betty Parris Daughter to reverend Parris. Afraid of punishment. Good faker. fakes a state of shock to avoid a whipping
Abigail Williams Cousin to Betty and Niece to the reverend. Has a lot of influence on the other girls. wants John Proctor at all costs
Reverend John Hale Reverend from Beverely. Specializes in witchcraft detection and the removal of said witchcraft.
Elizabeth Proctor Hates Abigail for her affair with John. Fired abigail
John Proctor farmer. Cheated on his wife with Abigail. Later told Abigail their affair was over.
Mary Warren Afraid. Caught dancing in the woods with abigail. serves the proctor family as Abigails replacement
Tituba Slave from Barbados. Sang songs around the fire in the woods with the girls. Conjured a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor.
Giles Corey Unusually Old for the time period. Didn't marry till he was old. Not very religious.
Thomas Putnam Greedy man. Lays claim to the land of others. Threatens to sue in court.
Mrs. Ann Putnam Wife of Thomas Putnam. Her first 7 babies died. Scarred her only surviving daughter will also as she is in a "coma"
Francis Nurse Wealthy man. Only person who doesn't believe all the witch garbage.
Rebecca Nurse Wife of Francis Nurse. Very religious.
scene in the woods Several girls were caught dancing and "conjuring spirits" around a kettle with something alive in it. Tituba conjured a charm during this scene
Church Congregation The congregation was literally split down the middle of the church. Men on one side and women on the other.
Scene in Parris home Several people show up to discuss the possibility of witchcraft and why the 2 girls wont wake up.
Ruth Putnam Good faker. Also in a state of "shock". Believed to possibly have coordinated with Betty about faking the state of shock.
Scene in the church reverend Parris addresses the congregation about the witchcraft and denies all allegations of it. The group of girls leave the church during the service.
Scene in the Parris home after the girls leave church Abigail grabs Betty and shakes her vigorously telling her to stop faking. Betty never breaks character until she tries to fly and jump out of the window. Abigail later threatens the entire group of girls.
Scene behind the building with Abigail and john John keeps refusing abigails advances and she continuously claims that he still loves her. John says " I would sooner cut off my own hand then reach for you again"
Created by: ClayLee21
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