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Symbolic Convergence

Comm Theory - Symbolic Convergence

dramatizing message imaginative language by a group member describing past, future, or outside events; creative interpretations of there-and-then
fantasy chain a symbolic explosion of lively agreement within a group in response to a member's dramatizing message
fantasy the creative and imaginative shared interpretation of events that fulfills a group's psychological or rhetorical needs
fantasy theme content of the fantasy that has chained out within a group; SCT's basic unit of analysis
symbolic cue an agreed-upon trigger that sets off group members to respond as they did when they first shared the fantasy
fantasy type a cluster of related fantasy themes; greater abstractions incorporating several concrete fantasy themes that exist when shared meaning is taken for granted
symbolic convergence two or more private symbol words incline toward each other, come more closely together, or even overlap; group consciousness, cohesiveness
rhetorical vision a composite drama that catches up large groups of people into a common symbolic reality
fantasy theme analysis a type of rhetorical criticism used to detect fantasy themes and rhetorical visions; the interpretive methodology of SCT
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