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Functional Perspect

Comm Theory - Functional Perspective

functional perspective a prescriptive approach that describes & predicts task-group performance when 4 communication functions are fulfilled
4 functions of effective decision making 1) analysis of the problem, 2) goal setting, 3) identification of alternatives, 4) evaluation of positive & negative characteristics
requisite functions requirements for positive group outcome; 1) analysis of the problem, 2) goal setting, 3) identification of alternatives, 4) evaluation of positive & negative characteristics
problem analysis determining the nature, extent, and cause(s) of the problem facing the group
goal setting establishing criteria by which to judge proposed solutions
identifications of alternatives generation of options to sufficiently solve the problem
evaluation of positive & negative characteristics testing the relative merits of each option against the criteria selected; weighing the benefits and costs
functional utterance an uninterrupted statement of a single member that appears to perform a specific function
FOICS Function Oriented Interaction Coding System; a tool to record and classify the function of utterances during a group's discussion
reflective thinking thinking that favors rational consideration over intuitive hunches or pressure from those with clout
discourse ethics Jurgen Habermas' vision of the ideal speech situation in which diverse participants could rationally reach a consensus on universal ethical standards
ideal speech situation a discourse on ethical accountability in which discussants represent all who will be affected by the decision, pursue discourse in a spirit of seeking the common good, and are committed to finding universal standards
Created by: moogoogaiboo
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