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Linguistics 226-234A

release from bondage; free; liberate emancipate
handcuff manacle
1) authorization to act; 2) command; order; injunction mandate
1) operate with hands; handle or manage skillfully; maneuver 2) manage unethically to serve a fradulent purpose; falsify; rig manipulate
small, helpful book capable of being carried in the hand; handbook manual (n)
relating to, or done with, the hands manual (adj)
document written by hand, or typewritten manuscript
attach; adda as a supplement append
matter added to the end of a book or document appendix
threatening to occur soon; imminent impending
hanging ornament pendant
waiting to be settled; not yet decided pending (adj)
until pending (prep)
1) hang by attaching to something; 2) stop temporarily; hold up; make inoperative for a while suspend
condition of being left 'hanging' or in doubt; mental uncertainty; anxiety; apprehension suspense
put out of office; dethrone depose
put on as a burden; duty, tax, etc,; inflict impose
put off; defer; delay postpone
put on top of or over; attach as an addition superimpose
change the relative order of; interchange transpose
enroll into military service by compulsion; draft conscript
something inscribed (written) on a monument, coin, etc. inscription
1) Order; dictate; direct; 2) order as remedy prescribe
condemn as harmful or illegal; prohibit; forbid proscribe
person who writes; author; journalist scribe
1) written text of a play, speech, etc. 2)handwriting, pensmanship script
one who writes his or her name at the end of a document, thereby indcating approval; one who regularly receives a magazine, newspaper, etc. subscriber
1) make similar or like; 2) take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb assimilate (v)
opposite of similar, unlike, different dissimilar
likeness; resemblance similarity
comparison of two different things introduced by like or as simile
give the appearance of; feign; imitate simulate
existing or happening at the same time; contemporary; concurrent simultaneous
lay waste; ravage; devastate desolate (v)
left alone; deserted; forlorn; abandoned; forsaken desolate (adj)
one and only; single; lone sole
speech made to oneself when alone soliloquy
opposite of accompanied; being or living alone; without companions solitary
condition of being alone; loneliness; seclusion solitude
musical composition (or anything) performed by a single person solo
Created by: mkennedy