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Physical Science

Final Exam vocabulary

Weight measure of the pull of gravity on an object
Gravity a force of attraction between two objects
Extrapolate extend
Scalar quantity has magnitude but no direction
Elastic collision does go back to original shape, does bounce back
Directly proportional on a graph line where x and y data increases at equal rates
Average speed total distance divided by the total time passed
Slope indicates the steepness of a line
Independent variable variable controlled by the scientist
Period time in seconds it takes to complete 1 cycle.
Density amount of mass in a given volume
Dependent variable variable affected by the independent variable; what you measure
Friction a force that opposes the motion of one surface past another
Pendulum a system that consists of a free swinging arm attached to the pivot at one end and the bob weight at the other
Effective length the length of the pendulum measured from pivot point to center of bob weight
Acceleration formula formula for acceleration where an initial velocity and the final velocity are given
Force vector uses the arrow to show direction and magnitude of a force
Air resistance the force that opposes the motion of objects in the atmosphere
Vector quantity has both magnitude and direction
Frequency number of cycles a pendulum makes in one minute
Momentum the mass time the velocity of an object
Speed distance traveled per unit of time
Motion a change in position relative to fixed objects
Cycle one swing back and forth
Inertia the tendency of any object to oppose a change in motion
Inelastic collision does not go back to its original shape' does not bounce back
Pivot point part of a pendulum that is attached
Bob weight weight used at the free end of the pendulum
Velocity speed in a particular direction
Distance time graph shows the relationship between distance and time
Inversely proportional on a graph line where x data increases, the y data decreases at a steady rate
Distance length between any two points in the path of an object
Swing half a cycle
Data table place to store data
Magnitude size of something
Newton amount of force needed to give 1 kg mass an acceleration of 1 m/s/s
Ordered pairs data recorded in the data table then plotted on a graph
Scale identifies the increments between points on a graph
Force a push or pull
Acceleration change in velocity per unit of time
Center of mass balancing point of an object
Origin (0,0)
Volume amount of space an object occupies
Terminal veloicity constant speed a falling reaches when air resistance balances gravity
Amplitude amount of swing
Variable something that can change or vary in an experiment
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