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Cautions with specific drug categories/meds

Cautions with Diuretics Measure I&O Monitor BP Daily Wt **Limit Sodium intake monitor electrolytes and BUN **Give early in day (if on Dig. monitor Dig. Toxicity)
Cautions with Digoxin Give same time QD use same brand and type check serum levels check K, Mg, Ca levels **IF HR <60: HOLD **If IV, given slowly over 5 minutes
Cautions with Coagulation Modifiers make lifestyle changes monitor labs assess for bleeding know/use antidote
Cautions with Antiarrythmias NO OTC meds with stimulants check serum drug levels crash cart
Cautions with HF meds Assess HR and BP Monitor electrolytes monitor renal functions\ I&O Edema RR & Lung sounds
Cautions with Neuromuscular Blockers ***CHECK VITALS monitor for Malignant Hyperthermia
Cautions with Anticholinergics assess drug interactions monitor for S/E *Watch for heat stroke/exhaustion
Cautions with Cholinergics Assess HR & BP Take on empty stomach assess for cholinergic crisis
Cautions with antiadrenergics Avoid OTC meds (cold and allergy) avoid vasodilations (alcohol, heat, Viagra)
Cautions with Antianginals avoid OTC stimulants avoid alcohol and heat hold if: Systolic BP <90 HR <60 don't use with ASA. antilipemics, antihypertensives
Cautions with Antiepileptics monotherapy take with food check blood levels, kidney and liver function teratogenic reacts with large number of meds may discontinue if no seizures
Cautions with Dilantin given IV Give slow dilute w/ NS use filter
Cautions with Insulin check expiration date give at room temp give SQ 45-90 degree angle rotate sites assess BS before giving roll rather than shake
Cautions with Thyroid Meds take as directed assess lab values (T3, T4, TSH) Assess S/E
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