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Actions and Uses

Actions, uses, and receptors for specific drug categories/meds

Antipsychotic Uses Disordered thought processes prolonged N/V Intractable Hiccups
Antiseizure Uses prevent/treat seizures prophylactic- brain trauma/surgery psychiatric disorders neuropathies migraines
Cholinergic Uses urinary retention myastenia gravis alzheimers glaucoma reverse neuromuscular blockers
Antipsychotic Action occupy or block dopamine or serotonin or glutamine receptors
Antidepressant Action normalize neurotransmission system
Antiepileptic Action stabilize neruonal membrans and decrease neural firing in response to stimuli alter mvmt of Na and/or Ca and/or Mg enhance GABA Lower glutamate
Alpha Blocker Action dilate BVs and Lower PVR
Vasodilator Action relax smooth muscles in BVs
Beta Blocker Action ↓HR ↓Contractillity ↓CO ↓BP ↓Automaticity slow AV conduction ↓glucose metabolism bronchoconstrict cardioprotective
Cholinergic Action ↓HR Vasodilate ↑GI tone and secretions ↑Bladder tone ↑bonchoconstrict ↑resp secretions miosis
Antiadrenergic Action Block SNS stimulation Block Alpha, Beta 1 or Beta 2 lower BP
Anticholinergic Action CNS stimulation then depression ↓Response to vagal stimulation bronchodilate ↓secretions antispasmodic-GI relax bladder mydriasis ↓sweating
Muscle Relaxer Action block nerve impulses that cause increased muscle tone and contraction
Anesthesia Action Depress CNS function and interfere with nerve transmission loss of sensation loss of consciousness
Benzodiazepines Action bind with receptors in the brain stabilize cells and/or enhance GABA
Adrenergic Uses *someone is dying cardiac arrest hypotension shock asthma decongestion allergies relax uterine muscles vasoconstriction mydriasis
Beta 1 Targets Heart
Beta 2 Targets Lungs
Cholinergic Receptors nicotinic muscarinic- GI and urinary
Alpha Receptors Heart and BVs Affect on BP
Dopamine Receptors <3 mcg/kg/min vasodilate (BVs)
Dopamine Receptors 5-10 mcg/kg/min increases heart contractility (heart)
Dopamine Receptors >10 mcg/kg/min vasocontrict (BP)
Created by: katie.ann0612