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Side Effects

Side Effects of major categories/medications

S/E of Insulin hypoglycemia wt gain brain damage seizure death
S/E of Biguanide N/V/D Anorexia Lactic Acidosis
S/E of Incretin Mimetics GI distress pancreatitis
S/E of Sulfonylureas hypoglycemia wt gain photo-sensitivity GI upset
S/E of Meglitinides hypoglycemia wt gain N/V/D
S/E of Thiazolidinediones Heart failure edema wt gain decreased bone density
S/E of Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors Bloating Diarrhea Farting
S/E of Amyling Agonists N/V Anorexia
S/E of DPP-IV Inhibitors URI Sore Throat HA
S/E of cholinergics Convulsions dizzy HA bradycardia bronchospams increased resp. secretions N/V/D urinary urgency
S/E of Adernergics Tachycardia HTN CNS stimulation rebound nasal congestionq
S/E of Anticholinergics Dry mouth tachycardia HA hot, dry skin photophobia constipation urinary retention confusion
S/E of antiadernergics Hypotension bradycardia CHF Fatigue bronchospasms sexual impotence
S/E of Muscle Relaxants CNS depression euphoria drowsy dizzy N/V allergy
S/E of stimulants seizures cardiac stimulation GI effects weight loss insomnia irritability tolerance dependence
S/E of antihypertensives orthostatic hypotension dizzy Na and H2O retention bradycardia sexual dysfunction: beta blockers bronchospasms; inderal and coragard cough: ACE angioedema: ACE
S/E of Beta Blockers -INOTROPE decreased HR decreased BP decreased contractility decreased CO decreased automaticity decreased AV conduction decreased renin release-- decreased BP BRONCHOCONSTRICTION
S/E of Calcium Channel Blockers hypotension bradycardia dizzy weak HA CHF peripheral edema
S/E of Nitrates HA Dizzy hypotension palpitations tachycardia
S/E of ACE Inhibitors low BP Dry, hacking cough angioedema hyperkalamia
S/E of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Primacor arrhythmia low BP
S/E of antiarrythmia Heart Block arrhythmia Low BP
S/E of Human B- Type Natriuretic Peptide low BP Dysrythmia HA Nausea
S/E of Antifibrinolytics dysrythmia low BP low HR
S/E of Bile Acid Sequestrants Farting Fullness Constipation
S/E of Statins N/V/D HA Hepatotoxicity myopathy
S/E of Fibrates gall stones GI upset
S/E of Diuretics electrolyte loss: K, Na, Cl low BP Dizzy Dehydration Hyperglycemia Have to stand up slowly**
S/E of Niacin Flushing Pruritis GI upset
S/E of Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitiors Rash Nausea (Zetia)
S/E of Phosphodiesterase- 4 Inhibitor N/D Insomnia HA Wt loss psychiatric symptoms (Daliresp)
S/E of antihistamines drowsiness dry mouth vision changes difficulty urinating constipation
S/E of Leukotriene Mods. liver dysfunction HA N/V/D
S/E of Antitussives drowsy N/V
S/E of Decongestants Tachycardia arrhythmia HTN Mucosal irritation rebound decongestion
S/E of Corticosteriods infection insomnia stimulation
S/E of Expectorants N/V Gastric irritations
S/E of Xanthines CNS stimulation tachycardia
S/E of Anticholinergic Bronchodilators dry mouth palpitations GI Distress
S/E of Opioids Constipation/Urinary Retention N/V Itching euphoria sedation resp. distress hypotension
S/E of NSAIDs N/V bleeding disorders allergy hepatotoxicity
S/E of Benzodiazepines Excessive Sedation Resp depression hypotension withdrawal paradoxal excitement
S/E of Dilantin Gingtival hyperplasia acne hirsutism
S/E of Antipsychotics CNS depression excessive drowsiness dry mouth hypotension sexual dysfunction agranulocytosis extrapyramidal effects
S/E of TCAs sedation dry mouth hypotension dysrhytmia wt gain
S/E of SNRIs dry mouth CNS sedation dysrhytmia
S/E of MAOIs Blurred Vision dry mouth low BP low BS
S/E of Antiseizure Drugs CNS depression ataxia GI upset allergies
S/E of SSRIs CNS stimulation GI upset Bleeding rash sexual dysfunction
S/E of Dopamenergics GI upset orthostatic hypotension dysrythmias dyskinesia
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