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Medical Terminology

Blue Module- Cardiovascular

anastomosis end to end union of two hollow tubes
angina chest pain
angina pectoris chest pain
angiogram an x-ray of the heart & blood vessels
angiorrhaphy suturing of a blood vessel
antianginal medication that relieves angina
antihypertensives medication that reduces blood pressure
aorta largest artery in the body
aortostenosis narrowing of the aorta
arteriolitis inflammation of an arteriole
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries due to plaque
atherosclerosis formation of fatty plaque on the walls on the artery
atria the upper chambers of the heart
atrioventricular pertaining to the atria and ventricles
atrium an upper chamber of the heart
balloon angioplasty insertion of an inflatable balloon into an artey to widen the lumen
bifurcate the ability of a blood vessel to become smaller
capillaries microscopic blood vessels that join arterioles and venules; also known as exchange vessels
cardiac pertaining to the heart
cardiac compressions to squeeze the heart between the sternum and the spine
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
cardiomyopathy any disease of the heart muscle
cardioplasty surgical repair of the heart
cardiorrhaphy suturing of the heart
cardiotomy surgical incision into the heart
cardioversion conversion of the heart to a regular rhythm
coarctation narrowing of a blood vessel
congestive heart failure failure of the heart to pump required amounts of blood
corony arteries supply the heart muscle with blood high in oxygen
diaphoresis profuse sweating
embolectomy surgical removal of an embolus
embolus a floating blood clot
endocarditis inflammation of the inner lining of the heart
endocardium the innermost lining of the heart
epicardium the outermost layer of the heart
heart pumps blood through the body to bring oxygen and nourishment to the cells
hemangioma a tumor consisting of a mass of blood vessels
hypotension low blood pressure
mediastinum space between the lungs where the heart lies
mitral insufficiency inability of the mitral valve to close properly
myocardial infarction heart attack
myocarditis inflammation of the muscle layer of the heart
myocardium the muscular layer of the heart
oxygenic pertaining to oxygen
pallor paleness
pericardium the sling-like sac that encloses the heart
phonocardiography process of recording heart sounds
septum wall dividing two cavities
thrombosis formation or condition of a blood clot
thrombus a stationary blood clot
valve tissue that prevents backflow of blood
valvotomy surgical incision into a valve
vasospasm muscular twitching of a vessel
veins blood vessels that direct blood toward the heart
vena cava major vein that directs blood into the right atria
venotomy surgical incision into a vein
venous pertaining to the veins
ventricle a lower chamber of the heart
ventricles the lower chambers of the heart
venule small vein
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