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Big Wave vocab

Vocabulary words

Generation All of the people born around the same time. (Noun) Mozart was one of his generations best musicians.
Unconsciousness Not aware or awake. (Adjective) After getting hit in the head the boy became unconsciousness.
Fathom A unit equal to six feet that is used to measure water's depth. (noun) The shipwreck was ten fathoms below water.
Rage To be powerful and violent. (verb) The man had much rage built up.
Terrace A patio or balcony. (Noun) I sat on the terrace and watched the night sky.
Wreckage Parts or pieces of something that has been destroyed. (Noun) The wreckage of the ship was lost at sea.
Zenith The point in the sky directly overhead. (Noun) The sun reached the zenith of the sky.
Cause and Effect the principle of causation. The boy studied for his test so he received a good grade.
Multiple Meaning Words Words with more then one meaning There are two types of glasses, the ones that you use to see and the ones that you would drink out of.
Falter To move away in an unsteady way. (Verb) As the snake started to show itself, he faltered away.
Created by: BBloch