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chapter 14

science 7th grade

all birds are ________ endothermic
birds belong to class _____ and have ________ aves feathers
Birds have______ bones that protect them when landing after flight. lightweight
The parts of a bird’s feather are the ____ ____ and ____ ._____ are small bumps on a bird’s skin from which feathers grow. The part of a bird feather that anchors the feather in the skin is the quill quill, vane, and barb. papille
The process a bird uses to oil its feathers to keep them flexible is _____ preening
The process of birds losing their feathers and growing new ones is called molting
The short, fluffy ____ feathers next to a bird’s skin hold warm air close to its body. ____ feathers cover and insulate a bird. down contour
Birds get the energy they need by eating_____ amounts of food large
A ____ is the organ where birds store food. crop
______ is the process of breathing. resparation
____ allow the bird to obtain fresh oxygen both when inhaling and exhaling, providing extra oxygen needed for flight. They are also the primary way a bird cools its body, allowing more cool air to enter the body and warm air to leave. airsacs
The____ is the food reserve in a bird egg. The________ or ___ _____ is the liquid environment the embryo lives in. albumen, or egg white
Birds care for their eggs by ______ them. incubating
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