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Unit 9 Sentences

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 9 Vocab Sentences

BlankBLANK Answer
SYN: an endless RECITATION of pretty events Monologue (n)
In times of rapid inflation, prices of goods ____ ( ) at a dizzying rate. Escalate (v)
Brandon quit his office job after only three months; living in a six by six ____ ( ) from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. did not satisfy his need to be in the great outdoors. Cubicle (n)
ANT: an ENEMY that has infiltrated a foreign nation Envoy (n.)
The hospital administration predicted a horrific season of influenza and hired an _____ nursing staff to fill the needs of their elderly population. Auxiliary (adj)
SYN: remained DUBIOUS of stories about aliens incredulous (adj)
The doctor explained to us that it is difficult to make an accurate __ ( ); some people recover quickly and for others the virus lingers and causes untold difficulties with breathing for months afterwards. Prognosis (n)
A mouse ___ ( ) across the room, slunk under the door, grabbed a piece of cheese from the dog’s bowl, and nibbled daintily upon it. Scuttled (v)
The ____ ( ) voice on the phone sounded familiar, yet John’s voice was so completely changed from years of screaming at his players that I at first found it hard to believe that it was he at the other end of the line. Rasping(adj)
I walked out once Fred began another of his manic ___ ( ); it was just too much to bear, and I needed to put space between us before I lost my temper and then regretted it. Monologue (n)
SYN: the names IMPRINTED on the monument Inscribed (v)
The dispute between Dean and Allan ___ ( ) to the point that Ms. Reznick had to ask Mr. Kelly to step in and monitor their behavior before punches went flying. Escalated (v)
Henry solved the problem of falling short on his mortgage payments by the simple ___ ( ) of taking out another loan; it was convenient and practical, yet it was most likely just going to add to his financial burdens. Expedient (n.)
A lack of economic opportunity __ ( ) oppressed African American sharecroppers to flee the South and head north, a period dubbed the Great Migration. Impelled (v)
SYN: an AGENT of a foreign government Envoy (n)
Valeria ___ ( ) nervousness about presenting in front of the class, and the teacher fell for it hook, line, and sinker, allowing her to present at lunchtime in front of the teacher ALONE. Feigned (v)
Governor Tate’s responses were remarkably __ ( ) for a man heretofore considered extremely private and guarded. Candid (adj)
ANT: directed to the CAPACIOUS OFFICE Cubicle (n)
Sheila McCarthy was a special diplomatic ___ ( ) to Belfast during the many years when the Irish Nationals sought to overthrow British rule in Northern Ireland. Envoy (n)
With great confidence Roderick entertained Bernardsville society with ____ ( ); his panache was legendary, serving $200.00 bottles of wine and expensive caviar without a care in the world for cost. Flair (n)
SYN: the SCRATCHY TONE of an old vinyl record Rasping (adj)
She ____ ( ) nervousness, but it was obvious to all that she was delighted to be in the spotlight; she always loved being the center of attention. Feigned (v)
The ____ ( ) beliefs of the Hitler and his Nazis soon replaced the tolerant views held previously in the Weimar era, and Hitler’s thugs rounded up large numbers of Jews and sent them to concentration camps. Repugnant (adj)
SYN: an extraordinary APTITUDE for numbers Flair (n)
It was fortunate that the cruise sip had an ____ ( ) power source as it lost its power totally because of a fire in the control room. Auxiliary (adj)
But this scattered and ____ ( ) empire required a large standing army and a strong central government to hold it together because its lands and people were so variegated. Heterogeneous (adj)
SYN: rely on the BACK-UP speakers Auxiliary (adj)
For the most winning season of the team’s history, the coach ____ ( ) pitcher’s name and stats on the championship trophy. Inscribed (v)
Her voice is so ____ ( ) that I find it difficult to listen to her speak. Rasping (adj)
ANT: a GULLIBLE child incredulous (adj)
Breaking Babe Ruth’s homerun record, Hank Aaron jogged around the bases but then was quickly overcome by his teammates and ___ ( ) of fans, looking to be a part of the momentous occasion. Hordes (n)
Captain Jake’s death was a ____ ( ) blow to the surviving crew; it was a heartrending scene, and many were emotionally damaged as a result. Grievous (adj)
SYN: an optimistic PREDICTION Prognosis (n)
How can you say that the television interview was spontaneous and ____ ( ) when it was all carefully rehearsed? Candid (adj)
Many might think that bathing and clipping dogs all day would be a ___ ( ), but in fact most dog groomers say that they absolutely love their jobs and never consider it toil. Drudgery (n)
ANT: a SONOROUS sound rasping (adj)
After examining the price tag, I gingerly replaced the coat on the rack, ____ ( ) at the preposterous sum the store was asking for it. Incredulous (adj)
Harry was surrounded by a ____ ( ) of tormenting relatives, who pestered him with questions about his latest tour of duty in Iraq. Horde (n)
SYN: a USEFUL process Expedient (adj)
Auerbach and Stern, two German Jews, discovered at the Brahaus, a world-famous art and design school, that they had a ___ ( ) for photography. flair (noun)
These two ambitious young women refused to settle for___-type ( ) roles in the workplace; they had talent and were going to use it and rise to the top. auxiliary (adj)
ANT: create a lively DIALOGUE monologue (n)
Ringl and Pit became the name of the photography studio that they instituted between the two World Wars; their career move proved to be ___ ( ), for they could earn a living using their artistic talents in advertising, publicity, and fashion photography. expedient (adj)
Unfortunately, for these two women, the ___ ( ) for peace and longed for prosperity in Germany was not to be forthcoming during this time period. prognosis (noun)
SYN: negligence provoked the SCRAPPING of his plans Scuttle (v)
The ___ ( ) beliefs of Hitler and the Nazis replaced the tolerant views of the Weimar era, the time period between the two World Wars. repugnant (adj)
A ___ ( ) of Jewish people were rounded up and shipped off to concentration camps where they suffered untold hardships of cold, hunger, terror, abuse, and death. horde (n.)
Anti-Semitism __ ( ) once Hitler came to power forcing Ringl and Pit to __ ( ) their plans and working partnership. escalated (v) and scuttle (inf.)
SYN: a clever SHAM Feign (n)
Although these two artists never worked together after the 1930’s, their groundbreaking photographs are often on display in galleries and in museums, and their original prints __ ( ) with Ringl and Pit are worth thousands. inscribed (v)
Morris developed a very efficient non-interventionist interview technique, extracting __ ( ) confessions from people without their being fully aware of it. candid (adj)
Through the __ ( ), that little box of a room, I could see her looking up at me with those beautiful brown baleful eyes. cubicle (n)
SYN: difficulties PUSHED him impelled (v)
The barn owl is a familiar bird, famed for its __( ) screech, which accounts for its other name, the screech owl. rasping (adj)
SYN: an ONEROUS offense grievous (adj)
The art historian pointed out Mary Magdalene in the painting trying hard to convince the __ ( ) disciples that she has seen the risen Christ. incredulous (adj)
The thought of going back into the squalid cabin was __ ( ) to him, but the detective knew that there were more clues to be uncovered, and he had a case to solve. Repugnant (adj)
ANT: an EVASIVE response candid (adj)
Joseph’s death was a ___ ( ) blow to the family; his wife and six children were emotionally bereft at the loss of such a caring man and had to fend for themselves financially as he left neither fortune nor life insurance. Grievous (adj)
For years, trade unions have worked hard to relieve the endless ____ ( ) of factory workers; their daily toil was hard to imagine. Drudgery (n)
ANT: SALVAGE the plan Scuttle (v)
Although they hoped for better days, the ____ ( ) for peace and longed-for prosperity in Germany in the early 1900’s was not promising. Prognosis (n)
SYN: surrounded by a CROWD horde (n)
Each ____ ( ) in the ABC office complex is equipped with a PC and a printer, but there are few other amenities in those small portioned rooms. Cubicle (n)
Collecting art for most of her life, Paula’s home was a ____ ( ) collection of art, ranging from realism to impressionism to expressionism to abstraction. Heterogeneous (adj)
SYN: remarkably STRAIGHTFORWARD comments Candid (adj)
A lack of equality ____ ( ) the oppressed to fight for their rights; they would not be restrained. Impelled (v)
SYN: continue TO CLIMB rapidly escalate (v)
President Obama named Jack a special ____ ( ) to negotiate a settlement in the war-torn region; he had previously been an ambassador in Iran, so he was well suited for this position. Envoy (n)
ANT: a COMFORTING occurence Grievous (adj)
The country’s Jews, with Hitler’s rise to power, were already experiencing ___ ( ) circumstances with the many restrictions that he placed on their freedoms. grievous (adj)
Jews and other “undesirables” spent years in the camps enduring ___ ( ) , never knowing if they would survive and if their friends and family members were experiencing the same fate. drudgery (n.)
SYN: a VARIED collection Heterogeneous (adj)
People who boast of their high moral principles are often the ones who will ____ ( ) them most quickly to serve their own interests Scuttle (v)
For his two perfect games in one season, an unheard of accomplishment, Tommy’s name was __ ( ) on the silver trophy and placed in the display case for all to see. Inscribed (v.)
ANT: a HANDFUL of partygoers horde (n)
Sheila had a ____ ( ) for languages; she spoke Spanish and Italian fluently and knew enough French to order a meal and find the nearest train station. Flair (n)
They did not ___ ( ) interest in the more traditional careers open to women at the time, such as store clerk and secretary; they wanted the same freedom and choices that their male colleagues enjoyed. feign (v)
SYN: to be condemned to a life of MENIAL WORK drudgery (n)
In this atmosphere, they were __( ) to leave Germany and headed to Buenos Aires and New York, which were places with a more __ ( ) than Germany. impelled (v) heterogeneous (adj)
Didn’t you know that either side could break the agreement if it was ____ ( ), that is advantageous, to do so? Expedient (adj)
It was such an honor. She was appointed Special __ ( ) to the Secretary General of the United Nations to study the child soldier problem in East African countries. envoy (n)
SYN: a SINCERE evaluation candid (adj)
The class let out an __ ( ) gasp when the principal informed them that they would have to attend school on three Saturdays to make up for all the time lost because of snow and ice storms. Incredulous (adj)
When one is asked to audition with a short Shakespearean __ ( ) of his choice, he should not fool himself into thinking that he should do one of the sonnets, just to be different. monologue (n)
ANT: the PRINCIPAL power source auxiliary (adj)
Since the person I was trying to interview would not let me speak, our conversation quickly turned into a ____ ( ). Monologue (n)
Created by: molly565
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