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Mucous-cont. Agents

mucous is a macromolecule
mucus strands R crossed linked w/ disulfide bonds= gel w/consists mostly of H2O around the structure
gel w/mostly water surrounding the structure is known as hydrophilic
normal mucous production= low viscosity & high elasticity (jello)
enough water is necessary 4 mucous formation but once formed mucous don't readily incorporate _ _ _ topically applied water
admin. by aerosol or direct instillation 20% 2-3 mL TID or QID 10% 2-3 mL TID or QID acetylcysteine (mucomyst)
breaks disulfide bonds & substitutes its own HS groups 4 disulfide bonds; when theses physical contact w/ moucos it begins 2 < __ viscosity immediatly
Bronchospasms/ N/V / runny nose / airway obstructions are r/t mucomyst hazard
don't use mucomyst for > _ hrs its caustic to airways 72hrs
mucomyst can also be TX 4 _ _ & can be given up 2 10-12hrs pc 2 prevent liver damage acetaminophen overdose
Pulmozyme is a mucolytic
reduces the viscosity secretion that occur w/lung infection by breaking down DNA accumulated in the secretions; mostly used w/ CF Pt rhDNAse {pulmozyme}
there is no evidence that bland aerosols _ mucus to a less _ state reduce/ viscous
using sterile water for; Stridor, croup like cough, hoarseness following extubation, upper airway irritation. Pt discomfort w/airway inst. BYPASSED ^airway large volume aerosol
4 DX of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia & TB sputum culture/ induction
provide a medium in which secretions can travel through th T-B tree when a PT coughs Saline bullets
increase the amount of fluid in respiratory track the best 1 is water, medullary stimulation/ or bronchial mucus glands expectorants
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