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corticosteriods have a _-_ effect anti-inflammatory
< in lymphocytes inhibits late phase inflammatory phase enhances beta-receptors stimulation anti-inflammatory effect of corticosteriods
methylprednisone (solumedrol) is given this route I.V
prednisone is given this route tablet
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate (Decadron) is given this route & and is used 4 immediate relief of upper airway inflammation I.v injection
SE of systemic corticosteroids include suppressed normal hypothalmic pituitary adrenal gland obesitey/ chusings syndron/ growth suppression/ mood changes (irratability; deppression); thinning of the skin; HTN
some systemic absorbsion occures w/ this route via mucous membranes in oropharynx aerosolized corticosteriods
aerosolized corticosteriods are dosed _ the advance to _&_ when indicated 2 control clinical manifestation of asthma BID~TID~QID
these r seen w/ this med fungal infection w/Candida Albercans or Aspergillus Niger in mouth; throught;irritation; hoarseness; dry mouth coughing inhaled corticosteriods
_ insufficiency may occur only is Pt is being weaned from systemic corticosteriods simultaneously DO NOT use inhaled TX 4 ACUTE ASTHMA ATTACK inhaled Corticosteriods may cause adrenal <
it takes 2 wks for _ steroids to produce an anti-inflammatory effect cuz it obliterates as it touches mucous membranes. so Pt needs I.V __ or tablet__ while starting inhaled steriod inhaled/ Solumedrol or prednisone
these drug need to be taken regularly 2 be effective against _ _ airway hyperactivity
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