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nonsteriod antiasthm

is used as a prophylactic Tx non-steroidal anti-asthmatic agents
nonsteriodal antiasthmatic agents are _ cell _ mast cell stablizer
it may inhibit mediator release by preventing __ necessary 4 micro-filament contraction & extrusion of mast cells calcium influx
prophylactic Tx inhibits the release of histamine from the mast cells
indicated as prophylactic therapy in Mang. of mild persistent asthma (CONTROLLER only) dose 20mg QID; seasonal allergies 1wk be4 allergen; 30min be4 certain allergens; 15min be4 exercise VERY safe drug cromolyn sodium (intal/0
SE if any at all of Intal (cromolyn sodium) nasal congestion cough hoarseness
these are messengers utilized between cells during the inflammation process 2 help control it leukotrines
w/ these inhibitors watch liver enzymes cuz it may cause hepatoxicity oral= tablets leukotriene inhibitors
leukotriene inhibitor drug examples zafirllukast (accolate) montelukast (ingular) Zileuton (zyflo)
omalizumab (Xolair) is under what class monoclonal antibody
these bind to IgE & block its binding to the receptor site of mast cells & basophils S.C injection Q4 weeks dose determined by Pt WT & IgE serum monoclonal antibody drug omalizumab (Xolair)
Created by: aprince1