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Anticholinergic bron


substance that blocks neurotransmitter acetylcholine in central/peripheral nervous system anticholinergic agent
anticholinergic inhibit _ nerve impulses by selectively binding the acetycholine to its receptor in nerve cells parasympathetic
nerve fibers of the parasympathetic system R responsible 4 _ movement of _ muscles present in GI tract & urinary tract & lungs involuntary smooth muscle
stimulation of the parasympathetic nerve causes _ bronchoconstriction
so agents that block parasympathetic receptors will cause airway _ relaxtation
paragents R used to Tx chronic bronchitis COPD Asthma where cough is present
parasympathetic agents like atropine R _-_ anti-muscarinic
anti-muscarinic block the action of _ on receptor sites by competitively occupying the receptor site & result in smooth muscle relaxation acetylcholine
w/anticholinergics if atropine blocks the action of acetylcholine this = bronchoconstriction & histamine is not released from mast cells
this drug is M! M2 M3 block receptors that cause bronchospasm onset 15min/ duration 4-6 hrs/ nebulizer or MDI QID don't cross BBB=<SE ipratropium bromide (atrovent)
This drug is used in moderate to large airway Pt who smoke or have a smoking HX COPD from smoking Atrovent {Ipratropium bromide}
Atrovent will not help allergic asthma but _-_ agents + anticholinergic agents have an additive effect Beta-adrenergic agents
same drug as Atrovent but w/longer duration (24hrs) & is a DPI SE= dose&med related dryness of mouth &skin tachycardia/blurred vision/dilation of pupils/ difficulty w/speech&swallowing/ mental confusion spriva Tiotropium bromide
Created by: aprince1