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Adrenergic bronchodi

adrenergic receptors AKA adrenoreceptors
these are a class of G- protein coupled receptors that r targets of catecholamines adrenergic receptors
norepinephrine AKA noradrenaline
adrenaline is AKA apinephrine
2 component of catecholamines are eponephrine & norepinephrine
mast cells possess these receptors binding of catecholamine 2 receptor= stimulation of sympathetic nervouse system
catecholamine receptors stimulate _ nervouse system sympothetic
sympothetic nervouse system is responsiable for what bodys response fight-or-flight response
most useful & potent group of Resp. care drugs primaryaly used to relax bronchial smooth muscle & dilates airway; 2ndly effects facillitate mucocilliary transport of secretion & promotes expectoration adrenergic {sympathomimetic} bronchodilators
Both A&B adrenergic activity; if inhaled =quick onset {1-5}minutes; & metabolized quickly; Duration 1-3 hrs prevents release of histamine epinephrine A&B
promote vasoconstriction both in priphery & in lungs= <capillary leakage A adrenergic effects
relax bronchial smooth muscle; ^HR & cardiac contractility & inhibit further release of nnflammatory mediators B adrenergic effects
Catecholamines are good for ONLY the attck
all sympathomimetic B2 __ or derivatives of catecholamine catecholamines
these sympathomimetic amines mimic epinephrine fairly closely catecholamines
Dopamine epinephrine norepinephrine & isoproterenol are examples of.. B2 sympathomimetic
these cause tachycardia elevated BP bronchial & skeletal smoothmuscle relaxation & skeletal muscle tremor & CNS stimulation catecholamines/ epinephrine caution w/ CHF Pt
catecholamines are inactivated by_= limits actions of the drug to1.5-3 hrs; anr r inactivated by the gut {NEVER ORALLY} COMT
catecholamines R also inactivated by _; _; _ they R stored in Amber bottles & residue tubing maybe pink colored Heat light air
these R more B2 specific COMT can longer inactivate drug= duration is > up2 6hrs Can be taken orally cuz not effected by gut or liver Resorcinols
even more B2 specific {albuterol} Available as MDI; Tab.: syrupp; aerosol solution; effective by mouth & up 2 6 hrs Saligenins
levalbuterol (Xopenex) is most common B2 bronchodilator on market; others are Albuterol/Ventolin/Proventil saligenins example drugs
serevent AKA salmeterol
DONT USE IN ACUTE ATTCK lasts up2 12 hrs 2 puffs BIDonset 10-20 minutes w/ pk in 180 minutes Salmeterol {servent}
ion of the bronchial smooth muscle (bronchodilation) 2. inhibits mast cell release 3. stimulates mucocilliary clearance B2 stimulation effects
vasoconstriction A1 adrenergic
^HR ^inotropy ^conductivity B1 adrenergic
B2 stimulation~ ^ adenyl cyclase~ ^ cAMP~ <intracellular Ca+2= bronchodilation break down
in order for histamine 2 be released from the mast cells there must be free _ free calcium
naturally occurs in the adrenal medulla rapid onset/ short duration do2 inactivated by COMT inhaled or S.C. Epinephrine specific adrenergic agents
synthetic form of epinephrine action same as epinephrine + vasoconstrictor effect is 1/2 do to synthetic compensation Tx croup & ^airway swelling/edema Racemic Epinephrine
non-Catecholamines long duration 4-6hrs good 4 maintenance dose 4 BRONCHOPASM inhalation;oral;injection slow pk effect 30-60minutes
tis drug is different cuz administration form must be converted 2 active drug in the body +(pro-drug) Bitoterol (tornalate) prodrug
tremor; tachycardia; headaches; ^BP;nervousness;dizziness N/V; E of adrenergic agents
SE <after _ weeks do to tolerance to adregic agents 2 weeks
Created by: aprince1