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Drugs & Meds

Define drugs? Drugs are substances that cause a change in a person’s physical and/or psychological state.
Define medicines Medicines are drugs that are used to cure, prevent or treat illnesses or discomfort.
What is a side effect? An effect caused by a drug other then the intended effect
What are four common side effects of medicines? Headaches, sleepiness, diarrhea and nausea
How would you define prescription drugs? a specific medicine ordered be a doctor in writing
What does OTC stand for? Over-the-counter drugs
Name one piece of information that is on a prescription? The name of the drug The dose When you should take the medicine How often you should take the medicine The length of time you should take the medicine
Define prescription drug abuse Legal medicines with legitimate uses can be abused -- meaning they're taken by someone other than the patient or in a manner or dose other than what's recommended
Name one of the most common medicines that are abused Vicodin/Hydrocodone Xanex Adderall Valium Ambien Oxycontin
What is analgesics use for? To relieve pain
What is antihistamines used for? Allergy symptoms
What are antacids used for? Works against stomach acids that cause heartburn.
What are antibiotics used for? Drugs used to treat infections caused by bacteria and other microorganisms.
The drug is packaged into patches that are placed on the skin. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Transdermal Patches
The drug is applied directly to certain areas of the body and absorbed into the skin. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Topical Application
The drug is swallowed and absorbed through blood vessels in the intestines. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Ingestion
Surgically implanted specialized pumps inject drugs directly into a specific part of the body. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Implanted Pumps
The drugs enter the body through blood vessels in the lungs when it is inhaled. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Inhalation
The drug is injected by a hypodermic needle. Name the method of how drugs enter the body. Injection
What difference may be in the inactive ingredients of Generic drugs? things that give the pill its shape, color, and size.
What are drug interactions? Occur when drugs react with another drug, food or dietary supplement.
How can drug interaction effect the drug you are taking? Could increase or decrease the effect of a drug.
What is anaphylactic shock? A serious allergic reaction
Tell how anaphylatic shocks affects the body. Affects the entire body including itching all over, swelling, especially in the mouth and throat, wheezing or difficulty breathing, pounding heart, fainting and unconsciousness.
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