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Pharmacology Unit 2

Co-pay A partial payment by the patient for medical services; the remaining portion is paid by insurance
Deductible The minimum expense paid by the client before health insurance makes payments
Insurance claim The application for insurance benefits to pay for medical or other services
Pneumatic tubes Tubes that propel containers with compressed air or vacuum
Retail The sale of goods in small quantities to consumers
Accredited Being certified in order to verify the organization has a high level of competency and authority
Cash cart A cart located in a hospital that is filled with supplies in case of a life threatening emergency
Culture Shared values and behaviors of a community
IV admixtures A type of sterile compounded product in which medication, diagnostic chemicals, or nutritional supplements are added to intravenous fluids prior to injection
Long term care facilities Assisted living facilities or group homes
Nuclear medicine Radioactive chemicals for diagnostic or therapeutic use
Accreditation A certification for an organization or program that indicates its credibility, quality, and authority
Comply Act in agreement
Controlled substance Drug that can be habit forming or could be abused
Recall To obtain and destroy a distributed product
Standard A requirement or measurable indicator of effectiveness against which behavior, performance, or activity is compared; it is often based on law or other government regulations
Compliance In conformity with or obedience to
Compounding Creating a unique medicine for a patient
Diversion The act of not using something for the original intended purpose
Policies Rules or guidelines that govern the activities and processes used in an organization
Procedures Steps for accomplishing a specific process that will allow individuals to meet policy requirements
Reference To refer to
Compatibility Capability of two things being mixed
Excipients The non drug ingredients in a medication that have no treatment effect
Monograph Work of scholarly writing that addresses a single subject



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