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humidity & aerosol t

am RTT

water is gaseous for {vapor} "cant see it" humidity
the process of adding humidity 2 air or medical gas humidification
any device that creates water vapor adding gaseous water to dry gas humidifier
liquid or solid particles suspended in a gas aerosol
any device that produces aerosol particles nebulizer
___&___ are responsible for heat & moisture exchange normally Nose & upper airway
nose heats & humidifies inhalation
nose collects moisture exhalation
inspired gas achieves BTPS as it moves into the lungs inhalation {37*C}
body temperature; ambient pressure; saturated w/water vapo BTPS
5cm~below the Carina. this point is called the ISOTHERMIC SATURATION BOUNDARY ISB BTPS is achieved ___
below this ISB temp & relative humidity remain ____ constant
actual content or wt of H2O(mg) that is present in a given volume of gas(L) written mg/L content is often substituted 4 this word absolute humidity
amount of water content that a gas is capable of holding at a given temp; as a gas is heated its capable of carrying more water vaopr humidity capacity AKA potential humidity
device used to directly measure relative humidity hygrometer
when absolute humidity ='s potential humidity then gas is ____ & RH is 100% fully saturated
temp 20*C water vapor 17.3mg/L
temp 25*C water vapor 23mg/L
temp 30 water vapor 30.4mg/L
temp 37*C water vapor 43.9
temp 40*C water vapor 51.1
absolute humidity/potential humidity X100=??? % RH
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