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Meeting Indv needs

A2 Unit 7

What is domicilary care? Social care services which are provided in the home of resident.
Respite care is.. ..when carers make other arrangements for the person they care for and have a break.
What is empowerment? The process that enables people who had previously depended on others to make decisions and take control of their own lives.
Advocacy is.. ..a process of supporting and enabling people to defend and promote their rights and responsibilities.
What is quality assurance? A general process of minitoring and evaluating whether specific standards of service delievery have been achieved.
Care planning is.. ..the plan of treatment and care decided upon in partnership between the service user and carer/named key worker/nurse.
What is the audit commission? An independent body responsible for overseeing public spending in local government, health community safety and housing.
Commission for Healthcare, Audit and Inspection (CHAI).. ..encourage improvement in provision of healthcare for the NHS in England and Wales.
What is normalisation? The planning of care to enable the individual to return to as normal a life as possible.
Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI).. ..carry out inspections on all social, statutory, private and voluntary organisations.
What is marginalisation? The process where certain groups or individuals are pushed to the edge of society where they have little to say in decision making and ae denied the means to improve their position.
A mission statement is.. ..formal statement of a care organisations aims and objectives.
What is accountability? Being responsible for someone or something.
Palliative care is.. ..the treatment of symptoms, not a cure where the service user is made comfortable for the remainder of their time becsause their is no more treatment available.
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