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Psy 100 Test 3

Chap 9 and Chap 10

Developmental Psychology Study of the changes that occur as a person matures and ages
Developmental Psychology IN PSY100 STUDY Personality Intelligence Morality
Developmental Psychology Research methods Cross Sectional Study Longitudinal Study
Cross Sectional Study Several groups Good : Fast, cheap Bad: Less accurate
Longitudinal Study Studied for many yeard Good- More accurate Bad- Slow, expensive
Sigmund Freud's Five Stages of Psychosexual Development Oral Anal Phallic Latent Genital
Sigmund Freud's Oral Age 0-2 Put things in mouth ( smoker, biting, gum chewer)
Sigmund Freud's Anal age 2-3 Expelling Feces "Anal Personality" Rigid Selfish
Sigmund Freud's Phallic Age 3-6 Capable of adult pleasure from genitals (Genital/sex stuff)
Sigmund Freud's Genital Age 13+ Capable of true adult love
Erik Erikson's Eight Stages Trust Antonym/ self doubt Initiative Competence Identity Intimacy Gernerativity Ego Integrity
Erik Erikson's Eight Stages Trust 0-2 Get along with friends
Erik Erikson's Eight Stages Nature side 8 issues/Challenges
Erik Erikson's Eight Stages Nurture Side Determines personality based on how successfully you met these challenges
Attachment Close emotional bond between infant and mother
Attachment neccasary Normal development 6-36 months
Dr. Harry Harlow Attachment Monkey - The monkey went to the mother with cloth
Mary Salter-Ainsworth Strange situation experiment - secure attachment (67%) happy to see mom Insecure attachment - not happy to see mom
Konrad Lorenz Imprinting - Ducks
Jean Piagets theory of intellectual Development Naturist - 4 stages
Lawrence Kholeberg- Theory of moral development 3 levels
Carol Gilligan dissagreed men were higher moral reasoners
Carol - Men You get what you deserve
Carol - Women Conflict resolution
Libido Sexual Energy
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