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bib lit exam 3

Who were the Pharisees ? -"separated ones" -were a likely offshoot of the hasidin. -strict observance of torah -believed in resurrection of the dead and spirits/angels
Who were the Saducees? -temple Judaism -Jewish aristocracy: blood lines to zadok(high priest during the time of David and Soloman) -Closed interpretation of Torah: rejected oral readings of Law -accommodated to Hellenistic traditions
Who were the Essenes? -not mentioned in rabbinic literature or in new testament -withdrawal group -society in Qumran -believed that temple worship and the priesthood was corrupt -produced the dead sea scrolls -anti-Hellenization
Who were the Sicarii ? -may have been descendants of the fourth philosophy -name came from the curved daggers that they carried to kill roman sympathizers -were in active war against Rome
Who were the Zealots? -extreme nationalist who were ready to fight Rome for Jewish freedom -came about shortly before the Roman War
What is the most common solution to the synoptic problem? - two source theory -the earliest gospel was Mark and Mathew and Luke borrowed from Mark
What three books are the synoptics? Mark,Mathew, and Luke
Which Gospel was written differently in comparison to the others? the gospel of john
What is the alternate solution to the synoptic problem? -4 source theory - M and L may reflect stories and traditions of Christian communities
Similarities between Mark , Luke , and Mathew - known as synoptics - John the Baptist ends and Jesus starts after he is gone -1 year ministry -Jesus went to Jerusalem one time -consists of short sayings and parables
How is the Gospel of John different from the other three Gospels? -John the Baptist and Jesus preach together -3 year ministry -Jesus goes to Jerusalem three times -Long stories
Key characteristics of the Gospel of Mark -anonymous - dated 66-70 -origins in Rome -divided by Mrk 1-9 in Galilee and Mrk 10-16 in Jerusalem Gentile audience
Opening of the Gospel of Mark John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus in the Jordan river and the ensuing temptations of Jesus in the wilderness.
Mark consisted of what two types of eschatology ? -apocalyptic eschatology: John the Baptist - Ethical eschatology(here and now) : Jesus
How does the Gospel of Mark end ? in an empty tomb
What is the key to mark ? -suffering
What are the major themes of Mark? 1. Discipleship: follow me 2. Jesus "Son of Man" : redeeming figure 3. "Son of God" : faithful service
What is the messianic secret ? -dont tell -Jesus demands secrecy during his ministry
Where did the truest confession of Jesus as the Christ come from? a roman solider
Key characteristics of the Gospel of Mathew - most popular Gospel and the most Jewish -anonymous -Dated: 85-90 -Origins in Antioch -Puts Jesus in the ancestry of David and of heroic foreign women
How is Jesus presented in the gospel of Mathew? the hope and fulfillment of Judaism
Opening of the Gospel of Mathew starts with the birth of Jesus and the genealogy of Jesus that traces him back to David and then Abraham -emphasizes his Jewish heritage
How does the Gospel of Mathew end? the death and Resurrection of Jesus
What are the characteristics and themes of Mathew? -fulfillment of Torah -Radical Righteoudness -Son of God -the teachings of Jesus
"I have not come to abolish but to fulfill" -Mathew 5:17 is an example of... fulfillment of Torah
the Beatitudes came from what gospel? Mathew
Key characteristics of Gospel of Luke -anonymous -Dated 70-100 -Origins in Gentile Christians -dedicated to Theophilous -marken outline
Opening of the Gospel of Luke Birth of John the Baptist and Elizabeth and Mary speaking
How does the Gospel of Luke end ? passion narrative and Resurrection appearances
Key stories in Luke -Zaccheus: climbs tree to see Jesus - Jesus goes to the temple at age 12 -Good Samaritan -Story of Mary and Martha -parable of the prodigal son
Themes of the Gospel of Luke -universal salvation: for all people -concern for outsiders -concern for women -the holy spirit
Key characteristics of the Gospel of John -anonymous writers -dated 90-100 -Origins in Ephesus -3 year ministry -goes to Galilee and Jerusalem at least three times -John the Baptist and Jesus ministered together
how is the Gospel of John presented? in a series of seven signs / miracles
what is realized eschatology ? the kingdom of God is here
what is Pentecost ? -the start of the church - early church followers experienced the holy spirit
who is theophilous ? lover of God
who was Stephen? one of the 7 deacons. was stoned to death for his faith
Who was Phillip ? -the first Christian missionary
Who was Zacchaeus ? a tax collector who climbed a tree in order to see Jesus
Who was Peter? -father of the Christian church - one of Jesus's disciples
Who was Paul? -disciple of Jesus
Who was Cornelius? -a roman centurion in caesarea
Gospel of Thomas
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