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English 1 Exam

and stuff

Scared story myth (the bible)
tale hard to believe events/folkloric characters (Cinderella)
fable teaches a lesson; talking animals (flirtatious and the hare)
Fractured Fairy Tale fairy tale (shrek)
PLOT Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
Main character story revolves around them
minor character helps move story along, causes conflict
setting where the story takes place (time, place)
narrative poem poem that tells a story
narrative nonfiction true story written like fiction
conflict internal- inside a characters mind external- struggle with an outside force
the plainswoman Williams Forrest
the most dangerous game connel
marigolds collier
two kinds Amy tan
where have you gone, charming billy Tim o Brien
the perfect storm junger
the wreack of the heasperous longfellow
song of the open road whitman
the road not taken frost
o what is that sound auden
incident in a rose garden justice
my papa's waltz poethke
the writer wilber
theme for english b hughes
Anabel lee poe
the bells poe
the possiblility of evil jackson
the censors valensuela
the sniper o flaherty
the cask of amontillado poe
poison tree william black
fireworks lowell
American history cofer
form distinctive way the poem is layed out made up by lines and stanzas
rhyme internal- word in the middle that rhymes with another word in the middle external- end ryhme
rhyme scheme aabbccdd
alliteration at the beginning of words/consonant sounds
onomatopoeia words that sound like what the refer to (meow, crunch, buzz)
personification giving human abilities to a non human object, thing, abimal
simile comparison of two unlike things using like or as
metaphor direct comparison of 2 unlike things usually with is
extended metaphor exteneded compraious used for two different things
imagery cretaes an image
assonance repition of vowel sounds in non rhyming words
consonance int eh middle or ends of words/repition of consonance
figurative language language that communicates ideas yeound the meaning of words
irony situational- tink one thing withh happen but anyother thing does verbal- sarcasm dramatic- we know something with happen and the characters dont
speaker the speaker of the story
stanza a grouping of lines; the paragraphs of poems may have some number of lines or may vary
suspense excitment of tension that readers feel as they get involved in a whoty and become curious about what will happen next
charactization the way a writer develops a character's personality
how is rhythem created? through words that sound similar and som eother stuff.
Edger allen poe is the father of the detective story
silver bell christmas, happniness, snowy night
golden bell wedding, happniesss, moon, night
brazen bell warning bell, fright, moon, dark
iron bell funeral,sadness, fear, ghouls
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