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What language did the first Europeans settlers in Australia speak? English
What religion was introduced by the Europeans in Australia? Christianity
From where did the aborigines migrate? Southern Asia
What Type of government does Australia have?
Who is the most powerful person in Australia government? Prime Minister
What products comes from Australias sheep? Wool
Australia lies between which oceans? Pacific and Indian Ocean
What is the name of the worlds largest barrier reef? Great Barrier Reef
What is Australias most famous landmark? Ayers Rock (uluru)
What is the name of the Ancient people living in Australia Aborigines
What is the main Religion in Australia Christianity
What language do Australians speek? English
Why is Australias literacy rate so high? They have a high gdp so they invest in schools.
Type of currency in Australia Dollar
What was Britians main use for Australia? As a penal colony
What is Austrlias climate Hot and Sunny
Name 2 deserts in Australias Great Victoria Desert, Great Sandy Desert,
Who discovered Australia Captin James Cook
Created by: BriannaBellow