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Film Class Chap 8

Parallel Editing Intercutting between two or more different scenes within a story
Flashback Manipulates time as the story moves from the present to the past
Montage Combining unrelates hots to create a new meaning
Reaction Shot Quick shot of a non-speaking person reacting to the main actor/situation.
B-Roll Footage that visually describes the story, common in non fiction work.
Continuity Maintaing story consistency from shot to shot and w/n scenes. Adds realism
Jump Cut Series of two shots that lack continuity
Spatial Jump Occurs when the cut between two images is not sufficiently differnt from the previous shot. Broke 30 degree rule.
180 Degree rule dictates camera placement during a scene to ensure consistent screen direction.
Eye line Match Talent's eyes should match angle and height of the actor they are speaking to. Angle & height are important.
Split Edit/L Cut When the picture and sound start at slightly different times.
Created by: Tain45