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Film Class Chap 9

Film Class

Counter Point Music When a song does not go with the scene. Sense of Irony
Color Grading manipulating the color for creative reasons
Color Correcting manipulation of an existing video clip, to edit any errors that could have been caused during production. Ex. white balance.
Audio Sweetening After all audio elements have been selected, acquired, or recorded, the sound engineer creates a custom track to go with the scene/story.
Rendering A necessary part of editing. It's the process of building a special effect, filter, or other complex transition frame by frame. That build creates its own media file
Out-Point a mark added to a clip, makes it the last frame seen/heard
In-Point a mark added to a clip, makes it the first frame seen/heard
Handles a few extra seconds at the beginning and end of a clip, extensional when adding effects or transitions
Capturing conversion of digital tapes to digital files
Digitizing conversion of an analog signal to a digital file
Time Code A unique # assigned and recoded for each frame of video, composed of an 8 digit # (hours, minutes, seconds. frames)
Frame Rate Actual video frame rate is 29.97 or 23.98 fps. Can become inaccurate as the program goes on
Non-Drop Frame A time code system that counts each frame and does not compensate for the actual frame rate 29.97
Drop Frame Compensates for the real frame rate of NTSC video of 29.97. Developed to keep the numbering system more accurate.
Media Clips Reference links to the actual files
Media Files The actual video/audio file, relates to nonlinear media
Workflow During post production, a procedure that includes planning, file management, storage, and archiving. Must be done before editing begins.
Codec compression/decompression engine that is used to modify the amount of data on bandwidth. Best to work with the original file or transcode the assets so they use the same codec.
Transcoding Process of converting from one codec to another.
Data Wrangler While on location, makes back-up copies of the original recordings, very helpful for the editor, may need to transcode.
Edit Decision List (EDL) During the editing process, a list of every action is saved as a part of the project file.
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