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HRM & Empowerment

Human Resource Management HRM management of people in an organisation
Manpower Planning analyse present workforce, forecast future needs, estimate surpluses/shortages, prepare action plan
Recruitment & Selection finding, assessing and hiring employees, involves developing job description, person specification and recruiting
Job Description what the job consists of, duties & responsibilities
Person Specification describes ideal candidate; what skills, qualifications, experience, traits they will have
Internal Recruitment already employed in company, results in increased moral, cheap, candidate already known to management
External recruitment hiring new employee, best candidate, brings new ideas/contacts
Curriculum Vitae CV sets out all personal details, education, qualifications, work experience etc
Training & Development improving knowledge & skills to improve job performance
Induction Training training of new employees
Internal Training aka on-the-job training, worker gains practical experience from observing in their place of work
External Training off-the-job training, attending courses etc outside the workplace
Industrial Relations employer-employee relationship
Redundancy loss of job as not needed anymore
Voluntary redundancy financial package offered to employees to leave voluntarily
Job Sharing A job carried out by more than one person, each works part-time
Performance appraisal evaluating performance, progress &contribution of employees
Reward Management money & benefits given to employees in return for effort & achievement
Flat Rate basic wage/salary
Time rate paid by the hour
Piece rate paid by how much they produce
Commission percentage of sales
Bonus Schemes payment when reach agreed target e.g. Christmas
Benefit in Kind non-monetary reward e.g. health insurance, company car/mobile, subsidised canteen, vouchers
Profit Sharing employees receive agreed percentage of profits
Share Ownership employees are given shares in company
Share Option employees are given option to buy shares at a specified reduced price
Teamwork group of people working together
Stages in teamwork forming, storming, norming and performing
Forming team brought together, uncertainty as not sure of their roles etc
Storming leader appointed & roles established
Norming close relations & cohesiveness
Performing team starts to use its strengths and perform
Facilitator advises, supports, encourages, consults, empowers
Empowerment giving employees authority, control, able to make decisions
Employee Participation encouraging employees through job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment
Job Enlargement increasing tasks involved, ensures job is challenging and stimulating
Job Rotation switching between different tasks thus widening activities of employees and increasing job satisfaction e.g. moving to different departments
Job Enrichment given tasks where they decide how the tasks should be performed e.g. worker on production line given responsibility for ordering materials and quality control
Total Quality Management Total (commitment from everyone) Quality (continuously meeting & exceeding customer expectations & requirements) Management (active process from the top down)
TQM Customer orientation + Continuous improvement + Empowerment + Teamwork + Quality Assurance
Customer orientation Customer orientation + Continuous improvement + finding out what customers want & create it, need to communicate regularly with customers
Quality Assurance guarantees that quality has been maintained during each stage in production process
Quality Circles group of employees who meet to discuss quality issues & find solutions
Benchmarking measuring performance against other companies
World Class Manufacturing best practices on a global level, aim to have low costs, high quality and able to compete at top level
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