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RADT 465 Protection

ARRT Registry Review

What is the velocity of electromagnetic radiations? 3X10^8 m/s p.225
What refers to the distance between two consecutive wave crests? wavelength p.225
What refers to the number of cycles per second and has a unit measurement of hertz? Frequency p.225
The electron's deflection from its original course caused by braking results in loss of energy Bremsstrahlung p.227
Brems comprise how much of the x-ray beam? 70-90% p. 227
Characteristic radiation comprises how much of the x-ray beam? 10-30% p.227
Ejects a K-shell electron thereby leaving a vacancy to be filled Characteristic p.227
What is the largest source of man-made ionizing radiation exposure to humans? Medical radiation exposure p.229
What contributes to image fog and pose a radiation hazard to personnel? Compton Scatter p.229
A relatively low-energy photon interacts with tissue and uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron Photoelectric effect p.228
A fairly high-energy photon interacts with tissue and ejects an outer shell electron Compton Scatter p.228
Relationships in which the response is directly related to the dose received linear (straight line) p.230
Relationships in which the effects are not proportional to the dose nonlinear p.230
Refers to the dose below which no harmful effects are likely to occur threshold p.230
Effects that occur randomly and are "all or nothing" type effects stochastic p.231
Risks characterized by nonlinear dose responses and are associated with a threshold deterministic p.232
Radiation effects that affect the irradiated body itself Somatic effects p.240
An exceedingly high dose of radiation delivered to the whole body in a short period of time is required to produce ____ somatic effects early p.240
syndrome affecting bone marrow, causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased blood count, infection, and hemorrhage hematopoetic p.241
Syndrome that caused severe damage to the stem cells lining the GI, death occurs in 2 weeks Gastrointestinal p.241
Syndrome that causes the circulatory system to collapse, increased pressure in the cranial vault,vasculitis, meningitis, ataxia, and shock. Death occurs in 3 day Central nervous system p.241
Ionizing radiation dose is ____ and _____ related to risk directly and linearly p.249
What is the most important way to reduce patient dose? beam restriction p.252
Equipment operating above 70 kV must have a minimum total filtration of ____ 2.5 mm Al equivalent p.263
The SSD must be at least ___ inches in stationary fluoroscopic equipment 15 p.263
The SSD must be at least ___ inches for mobile fluoroscopic equipment 12 p.263
What thickness of lead is required for lead aprons? .25 mm p.271
What is the dose limit to the fetus during the gestation period? 5mSv p.274
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