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Chapter 16

The three sub regions of the Pacific Islands are.............. Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia
China's major mountains are... Himalayas
The highest peak in China and the world is Mt. Everest
1/4 of China's land is covered by the Plateau of Tibet
China's three major rivers are Huang He, Chang Jiang, Xi Jiang
What is China's major desert that means "waterless place" Gobi
How many main islands does Japan have 4
What is Japan's capital Tokyo
What is Japan's highest peak Mt. Fuji
What is the Ring of Fire an area of volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean
How many earthquakes does Japan have per year 1500
Which country has two major rivers, the Yalu and Tumen and is very mountinous North Korea
what are the mountains in Australia Great Dividing Range
What is the outback a large stretch of plains in Australia
Where is the Great Barrier Reef Australia
The Pacific Islands are made up of how many islands 20,000
what are continental islands made from Earth's crust
what are low oceanic islands formed from coral reef
what are high oceanic islands formed by volcanoes
Who were the first Chinese to form a permanent civilization Shang
what is a dynasty families of rulers
which dynasty did the Mongols end Song Dynasty
who was the leader of the Mongols Genghis Khan
who was the grandson of Genghis Khan Kublai Khan
The mongols were the founder of which dynasty Yuan
where did the Mongols establish China's capital Ta-Tu
who changed the capital to Beijing Yongle
Who had the Forbidden City built for himself Yongle
what is the philosophy that taught the importance of moral character and taking responsibility for their society Confucianism
who was the founder of Confucianism Kongfuzi
What is the philosophy that believed in a force called Tao that guides the universe but it cannot be seen or named Taoism
Which philosophy explained how to escape suffering Buddhism
What was the name of the trade route for silk? the Silk Road
The Silk Road is how long 4000
China use a clay called Kaolin to make what Porcelain
the Chinese writing uses how many characters 50,000
What is the name of the canal that connects Beijing and Hangzhou Grand Canal
Which Japanese religion says that beings called kami live in all objects and nature Shinto
What is a group of families who have common descendants clan
which country did Japan get the ideas of bronze tools, Buddhism, and rice growing from Koreas
which country did Japan get their writing system, calendar, and government from China
who was the ruler during Japan's Golden Age Kammu
what was another name for Japan's Golden Age Heian Age
which Japanese wrote the world's first novel Lady Murasaki Shikibu
What are Samurai warriors that protect lords in Japan
what is a Shogun an emperor's chief general in Japan
which Shogun changed Japan's capital to Edo Tokugawa
in 1614 how many Japanese were Catholic 300,000
who ordered all Christians to leave Japan and threatened to kill any Japanese who returned Tokugawa
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