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s.s ch 1 &2


Isthmus Narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two lager bodies of water
Elevation hight above the land
Tributary river or stream that flows into main river
Pampas flat grasslands regions in the southern part of South America
Plateau large raised area mostly level land
Diversify to add verity or expand
Conquistador 16th century conquerors working for the spanish government who were in charge of gaining land and wealth in the Americas
Mestizo a person of mixed spanish and native American ancestry
Quipu a knotted string used by Incan government officials and traders for records keeping
Aqueduct a pipe or channel used to carry
Census The count of people
Hieroglyphics a system of writing using signs and symbols, used by Maya and other cultures
Caudillo an individual with certain rights and responsibilities under a particular government
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