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Who makes Asexual reproduction? One Parent
Most body cells and 1 celled organisms... Reproduce
Why do cells reproduce? To growth, repair,replace
Parents form Sex Cells
How many Chromosomes? 23
Females have... Eggs or ova
Males have.... Sperm
Sex Cells=Body cells not
23+21 Half the pair
Male Chromosomes XY
Female Chromosomes XX
Body Cells Contain Chromosomes. 46
Each parent carries the same set of genes
Chromosomes that have the same sequence of genes and structure Homologous
Creates body Cells Mitosis
Creates Sex Cells Meiosis
What must a cell (both Mei &Mit) copy to duplicate itself? It's DNA
The cell must be separated into sides. 2
The cell after it separates splits
Each parent carries 2 new cells
What determines a gender Sex Chromosomes
Who determines a gender The Father
A chart of Family Genetics Pedigree
Sex link disorders happen in (mostly) Males
An Example of a disorder is Color blindness
Disorders are are recessive
Chromosomes are copied in Interphase
Chromosomes are like coils threadlike
Interphase occurs before mitosis
Prophase Occurs 1st step of mitosis
Cells start to divide
What moves to the opposite sides of the Cell? Centriols
Spindle fibers form where? between the Centriols
Metaphase is the 2nd step of mitosis
What attaches to the fibers Chromatids
Anaphase is 3rd step of mitosis
Chromatids..... Separate and move to opposite sides
What step is the final and 4th step Telophase
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