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Cardio & Pulm disea


Why will a penetrating chest would kill a buffalo quicker than it will kill a human being? a buffalo has a single plural lining so both lungs will collapse
Mixing of venous blood with arterial blood (a right to left shunt ) occurs normally because of Thebesian venous drainage
Which of the following mechanisms facilitate venous return to the heart? -skeletal muscle pumping-cardiac suction-sympathetic venous tone
the myocardium is the loose membranous sac that encloses the heart? T or F False muscular tissue of the heart
Parietal Pericardium Loose membranous sac that enclose the heart
The semilunar (pulmonary and aortic) valves separate the ventricles from their arterial outflow tracts. T or F True
Normal anatomic shunts account for approximately 2-3% of the total cardiac output. T or F True
Secondary Spontaneous Pneumothorax is one that occurs in a patient with underlying lung disease and results in a mortality of 43% in 5 years. T or F True
BOOP is an insterstitial lung disease with the name of bronchiolitis obilterans with organizing pneumonia which can result in a secondary pneumothorax. T or F True
Most of the muscle mass of the heart is located in which chamber? Left ventricle (LV)
What is the ability of myocardial tissue to propagate electrical impulses? automaticity
What are the first arteries to branch off the ascending aorta coronary
Which vessels in the body act like a faucet, controlling the flow of blood into the capillary beds? arterioles
What factor stimulates the corotid and aortic chemoreceptors? high carbon dioxide levels
What in essence is Frank-Starling's Law of the Heart? the greater the stretch, the greater the tension it generates when contracted
Which portion of the nervous system is mainly responsible for the central control of the blood flow? sympathetic nervous system
The mitral (bicuspid) valve does which of the following? seprates the left atrium and the left ventricle
Which of the following formulas is used to calculate the total amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute or cardiac output? HR x SV
The second heart sound is associated with what mechanical event of the cardiac cycle? Semilunar valve closure
Opening of the semilunar valves occur when which of the following occurs? the pressures in the ventricles exceed those in the aorta and pulmonary arteries
Which of the following equations best protrays the factors determining mean arterial blood pressure? MAP = CO X SVR
Why are the vessels of the venous system, particularly the small venules and veins, termed the capacitance vessels? they can alter their capacity to maintain adequate perfusion
Which of the following represents the normal order of structures encountered by blood flowing from the vena cave to the aorta? RA, tricuspid valve, RV, pulmonary valve, pulmonary artery, pulmonary veins, LA, mitral valve, LV, aortic valve
The semilunar (pulmonary and aortic) valves do which of the following? separate the ventricles from their arterial outflow tracts
What are the major effects of peripheral chemoreceptors? vasoconstriction and increased heart rate
The first heart sound is associated with what mechanical even of the cardiac cycle? tricuspid valve closing
What is an appropriate normal resting cardiac output for a healthy adult? 5000 mL/min
What method of chest tube removal has been associated with the lowest level of pneumothorax recurrance? Remove the chest tube 48 hours after the air leak resolves
When using a small-bore catheter with a one-way valve such as a Heimlich valve, how can you determine definitvely that there is or is not a small air leak? Connect to an underwater seal
A patient is suspected of having a pleural effusion. Which x-ray position is the most appropriate to confirm diagnosis? Lateral Decubitus chest film
A chest tube placed anteriorly between the second and third ribs. The tube is probably intended to treat a: pneumothorax
Immediately after insertion of a central line via subclavian vein, an intubated patient becomes dyspneic. The respiratory therapist should recommend which of the following diagnostics tests? Chest radiograph
All of the following would be useful in differentiating right main stem intubation from a left-sided pneumothorax except: Lung Compliance measurement
A patient has a heart rate of 70 bpm and a stroke volume of 60 mL with each heart beat. What is the approximate cardiac output in Lpm? 4.2 Lpm
parietal pleura Membrane covering the surface of the chest wall
Hemothorax Blood in the pleural space
Bronchopleural fistual Air leak from the lung to the pleural space
re-expansion Pulmonary Edema Occurs when the lung is rapidly inflated after compression by plueral fluid
Viseral pleura Membrane that lines the lung surface
tension pneumothorax Air under pressure in the pleural space
empyema Pus filled pleural effusion
pleurodesis Procedure that fuses the pleura to prevent pneumothorax
automaticity Ability to initiate a spontaneous electrical pulse
preload Ventricular stretch provided by end -diastolic volume
afterload Force against which the ventricle pumps
baroreceptors biological sensors that monitor arterial blood pressure
pericardium membranous sac that surrounds the heart
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