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dermatologic drugs

wound care drugs

Sodium hypochlorite (Dakins Solution) Aids in debridement; reduces microbial count *partly toxic & irritating to healing tissue
Cadexomer iodine (lodosorb) Absorbs exudates, promotes wound healing *partly toxic to fibroblast cells, stains tissue
Collagenase (Santyl) Good for the pt(s) taking anti-coagulants or in whom surgery is contraindicated, selectively removes necrotic tissue; doesnot harm normal tissue. okay for infected wounds *requires prescribers order, expensive; NOT to be used w. other common woundproduct
biafine topical emulsion can be used for "tunneling" wounds as well as full-thickness wunds & radiation dermatitis *must not be applied w/I 4 hrs of radiation therapy
Created by: Ashleigh0101