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Dermatologic Drugs

Antipsoriatic drugs

Tazarotene (most common) receptor-selectted retinoid -normalize epidermal differentiation, reduce the influx of inflammatory cells into the skin *Tx of plaque psoriasis & mild-severe facial acne *preg X cat. :(
Tar-Containing products 1st meds used to treat psoriasis -antiseptic, antibacterial, antiseborrheic property & works to soften and loosen scally of crusted areas of the skin. A/E: skin burning, photosensitivity, irritations
anthralin -Inhibits DNA synthese & mitosis w/i the epidermis to reduce psoriatic lesions -preg C category
Calcipotriene synthetic Vit D3 analogue, works by binding to Vit B3 receptors in skin cells - helps to regulate the growth & reproduction of keratinocytes A/E: skin irritation, worsening psoriasis, skin atrophy, folliculitis
Etanercept Decrease progression S&S's of rheumatoid arthritis -binds to tumor necrosis, making it inactive -60% absorbed after subcute injection
Alefacept given IM -used to Tx mod-severe chronic plaque psoriasis -Immunosuppressant(works by stopping the action of certain cells in the body) A/E: dizziness, pain, redness, swelling, and bleeding where meds were injected
Ustekinumab (Stelara) *newest (given subcute) injectable for plaque psoriasis pt must receive FDA approval A/E: increased risk for infection
Created by: Ashleigh0101