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Geography 101

Globel Forces

What are supranational organization? A group of independent countries joined together for purposed of mutual interest. Describe the five stages of the Rostow Development Model. What are some weaknesses of the model. Traditionary Society,The precondtions for takeoff,The takeoff,The Drive to maturity, The age of mass consumption. What evidence is there that public spaces are becoming more exclusionary? why does Mitchell say this is happing?
Distinguish between colonialism and imperialism? Colonialism-attempt by a country to establish settlements. Imperialism: control od territory already occupied and organized by an indigenous society. What have been the benefits of the international trade approach to development? What have been some drawbacks?
What are six stratigies for occupying territory did Osterhammel outline? Describle each. How do developing countries finance development?
How are borders and frontiers different? Borders:Allow territory to be defined and controlled, both inclusionary and exclusionary. Frontier: areas or regions with gray area of borders, states have little or no control. What three type pf colonies did he identify? Provide an example of each. Describle "peack oil". what are some of the ptential substitutes for petroleum. The point in time when the max rate of global petrolem extraction is reache, after rate of productions enters terminal decline. Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear energy.
What are the different cultural physical rationales for choosing specific political borders? Physical rationales: mountains,desert, and water. What are the ways development is measured? GDP per capita (economic factor),Literacy rate ( social factor), Amount of Education (social factor),life expenctancy (demographic factor) why has the Aral Sea drying up? Dried up because of Cotton Irrigration
What is 'Nation'? What is nationalism? Nation:people whose members are bond together by sense of solidarity rooted and historic attatchment to homeland. Nationalism: a feeling of belonging to the nation. Compare and Contrast the GDI and GEM measures of gender inequality? Gender empowerment measure:comparesablity of women & men to participate in economic & political decision making. Gender Related Development Index: compares level of developement of women with that of both sexes. What are the differences between Fordism and Post-Fordism? What were the triggers the caused the shift from one to the other? Fordism: factories traditionally assigned each worker ine specfic task to perform repeatedly. Post Fordist: flexible production is sometimes used to describe flexible production, contrast of forism.
What are the Characterisitisc of a "nation-state", a "multi-national" state and a "state-less" nation? three examples Denmark, Japan "Multi-national"-United States,United Kingdom,Russia "State-less"-kurdistan. Where are more and less development countrie distributed? More Developed Regions: Anglo America, western europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, South Pacific Less: latin america,East Asia,Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa What are the five spaces can be altered to become more exclusionary? Stealthy Space,Slippery Space,Crusty Space, Prickly Space, and Jittery Space
Created by: vonzipper