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forensics ch. 17

vocabulary ch. 17

anvil and flash hole provide mechanism for delivering explosive charge from primer powder
ballistics study of projectiles (bullets) and firearms
barrel long metal tube that guides projectile out of firearm
breech end of the barrel attached to the firing mechanism of a firearm where the cartridge is loaded and unloaded
breechblock markings markings produced as the cartridge casing moves backward and strikes the breechblock.
bullet projectile that is released when a firearm is discharged
caliber measure of the inside diameter of a firearm barrel
cartridge case that holds a bullet, primer powder and gunpowder
drugfire FBI database focusing on cartridge casings
ejector marks scratches on a cartridge produced by removing from firing chamber
extractor marks scratches produces by placing cartridge in firing chamber
firearm weapon capable of firing a projectile using a confined explosive as a propellent
firing pin marks impressions made on bottom of cartridge by firing pin as it strikes the bottom of the cartridge.
flint lock weapons used sparks from a chip of flint instead of wicks to ignite the powder allowing them to work even in damp weather
fully automatic fire repeatedly as long as trigger is pressed
grooves indentations or depressions
gunshot residue (GSR) tiny particles expelled from a firearm when the firearm is fired
headstamp bottom of cartridge casing identifies caliber and manufacturer
lands ridges or raised areas
match lock weapons had wicks to carry a flame to gunpowder
muzzle end of the barrel from which the projectile exits the firearm
NIBIN National Integrated Ballistics Network
NIBIS National Integrated Bullet Identification System
percussion weapons use of cartridge and case
pistol handheld firearm (one hand)
primer powder used to ignite the gunpowder
revolver holds 6 cartridges in the cylinder
rifle firearm with a long barrel
rifling spiral pattern of lands and grooves in the barrel of a firearm
saltpeter potassium nitrate
semiautomatic fires only 1 bullet per pull of trigger
shell casing metal (usually brass) housing for the gunpowder of a firearm
trajectory path of flight of a projectile
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