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Humlin G: Insulin NPH I: Diabetes Mellitus C: Insulin sides: hypoglycemia
Hyzaar G: Losartin-HTCZ I: Hypertension C: ARB-thiazide combo sides: hypotension
Imitrex G: Sumatriptan I: Migraine C: Serotonin 5-ht Receptor sides: tingling
Imdur G: Isosorbide mononitrate I: Angina (chest pain) C: Vasodilator sides: flushing, headache
Ismo G: Isosorbide mononitrate I: Angina C: Vasodilator sides: headache, flushing
Januvia G: Stiglipin I: Diabetes Mellitus C: DPP-4 inhibitor sides: headache, constipation, gas
K-DUr/Klor Kon/Micro-K G: Potassium Chloride I: Hypokalemia C: Potassium electrolyte sides: heart arythmia, diarrhea, hyperkalemia
Keflex G: Cephalexin I: Infection C: Cephalosporin sides: diarrhea, allergies
Keppra G: Levetiracetam I: Seizure C: Antiepileptic sides: somnulance, nausea
Klonopin. C-IV G: Clonazepam I: Anxiety C: Benzodiazepine sides: drowsiness, memory problems
Lamictal G: Lamotrigine I: Bipolar Disorder C: Antiepileptic sides: rash, Stevens Johnson syndrome
Lanoxin G: Digoxin I: Tachycardia C: Inotrope sides: visual disturbances
Lantus G: Insulin Glargine I: Diabetes (tupe 1 or 2) C: Insulin sides: hypoglycemia
Lasix G: Furosemide I: Congestive Heart Failure C: Loop diuretic sides: dizziness
Levaquin G: Levoflaxacin I: Infection C: Quinolone antibiotic sides: diarrhea, tendon rupture
Levothroid/Synthroid G: Levothyroxine I: Hypothyroidism C: Hormone, (thyroid) sides: weight loss, complicaions
Lexapro G: Escitalopram I: Depression C: SSRI sides: insomnia, headache
Lidoderm (topical) G: Lidocaine I: Neuralgia C: Analgesic sides: redness, irritation
Lipitor G: Atorvastatin I: Hypercholesterolemia C: HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor sides: liver disfunction, muscle pain/weakness
Lopressor G: Metoprolol I: Hypertension C: Beta 1 blocker sides: bradycardia
Lovenox G: Enoxaparin I: DVT Prophylaxis C: Low-molecular Heparin sides: bleeding, bruising
Lumigan G: Bianatoprost I: Glaucoma C: Prostaglandin analogs sides: burning
Lunesta G: Eszopiclone I: Insomnia C: Non benzodiazepine sides: drowsiness, dizziness, sleep disturbances
Lyrica. C-V G: Pregabalin I: Neuropathic pain C: Anti-convulsant/Neurologic sides: swelling, drowsiness
Lotrel G: Amlodipine/Benazepril I: Hypertension C: Calcium Channel Blocker/ACE inhibitor sides: dry cough, hypotension
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