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Confusing Words

Homophone list

there in that place
their "they" own something
they're a contraction for "they are"
hear you do this with your ear
here in this place
it's a contraction for "it is"
its "it" owns something
wear you do this with clothing
were plural past tense form of the verb "be"
where in what place
quit to stop, cease, or discontinue
quite truly or almost completely
quiet free from noise or disturbance
clothes pieces of wearing apparel
cloths pieces of fabric
write forming words with a pen or pencil
right proper, correct; the opposite of left; a fair claim
to a preposition; in the direction of
two a number
too also more than necessary (e.g. too much)
already previously or before
all ready completely prepared
sight the power of seeing, a question word
site position or place
which the one that
witch a woman with magical powers
fell past tense of the verb "fall"
fill put in until there is room for no more
feel think, touch
Created by: mariette.buzad