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Unit 2

Nutrients substances in foods that your body needs to grow, have energy and stay healthy
Carbohydrates the starches and sugars found in foods; the main source of energy
Proteins the nutrient group used to build and repair cells
Fats nutrients that promote normal growth, give you energy and keep your skin healthy
Vitamin compounds that help to regulate body processes
Minerals substances the body uses to form healthy bones and teen, keep blood healthy, and other organs working properly
Nutrient dense having a high amount of nutrients relative to the number of calories.
Recreational activity activity that provides a positive outlet for physical energy
Physical activity any movement that makes your body use extra energy
Fitness being able to handle physical work and play each day without getting overly tired
Excersise planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain one’s fitness.
Cells tiny, complex units that make up al plants and animals
Cirrhosis destruction of cells and scarring of the liver caused from too much alcohol
Motor skills control of your muscles and physical coordination
Endurance ability to keep your energy level up
Reflexes the body’s natural muscle reactions
Assertive behavior willing to stand up for yourself in a firm but positive way
Aggressive inclined to act in a hostile manner
Passive accepting without objection or resistance
Self esteem pride in oneself
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