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Stack #1880655

Why didn't the government notice sn economic slowdown before the Great Depression? because there was not a detailed statistic record kept for it
Causes of the crash... -investors that paid for their stock couldn't pay off the money so they borrowed it from stockbrokers -brokers ask investors to pay what they owe -investors couldn't repay loans -people sold all their stock -stock prices dropped
Black Tuesday Oct. 29, 1929 a stampede of selling hits the NY stock exchange causing prices to plunge because there were no buyers (stocks became worthless)
The Great Depression an economic downturn that lasted from 1929-1941
causes of the depression... -farm and factory overproduction -production cutbacks led to wage cuts and firings -businesses went bankrupt- unable to repay debt -Weaknesses in the banking system- banks made unwise loans, and couldn't give money to depositors, many banks close
The human cost of the great depression... -families were split up -many people lost their homes -one in every four workers was jobless
those who do work during the great depression... -work fewer hours -leave families to find work -tax pay cuts
government aid hoover takes no action at first, and calls on businesses and churches to help
hoovervilles shacks where the homeless live
public works project built by the government for public use
Who won the the election of 1923, and why? RDR, his confident manner and personal charm
the new deal the Roosevelt's administration plan for dealing with depression
FDR promised to help.. - the jobless -the elderly -poor families
bank holiday FDR closed every bank in America for four days. He enforced the emergency Relief Act- allowed banks with only enough funds to meet depositor's demand to reopen
Fireside Chats radio speeches given by president Roosevelt while in office
What did Huey Long do? he called for heavy taxes on the rich, and wanted to use the tax money to provide every American family with a house, a car, and a decent income
Pension a sum of money paid to people on a regular basis after they retire
Liberty leauge complained that the New deal interfered to much with business
What did the Supreme court do to the New Deal? it attacked the New Deal by ruling that many of its programs were unconstitutional
What and why did Roosevelt call for from the supreme court Roosevelt called for the raising of the number of justices on the Supreme Court from 9-15 (he wanted to do this to support his programs)
National Labor Relations Act (wagner act) protected workers from unfair management practices and guaranteed their right to collective bargaining
social security act -setup a pension program for older people -established unemployment insurance - provided support for dependant children and people with disabilities
Deficit spending the government spends more money than it takes
National Debt the total sum of money the government owes
Dust bowl Region in the central great plains that was hit by a severe drought during the 1930's
states most affected by the droughts... -oklahoma -kansas -colorado -new mexico -texas
Why did opportunities in the workforce fade for women? If jobs were available employers hired men instead
What did Eleanor Roosevelt do? used her role as 1st lady to speak out for womens right, and for other issues
minorities and the depression... -thousands of black men learned a trade through the civilian conservation corps.
native americans during the great depression series of laws passed that gave Native American nations greater control over their own affairs
What did artists do? portrayed the hardships of depression in life
What did movies do? they tried to restore Americans faith in the future by telling optimistic stories about happy families, of people finding love, and success
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