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CTC Cosmo Ch15B

Concentrator Nozzle attachment of a blow dryer; directs the air stream fo any section of the hair more intensely
Diffuser Blow dryer attachment that causes the air to flow more softly and helps to acdentuate or keep textural definition
Hair wrapping A technique used to keep curly hair smooth and straight
Indentation The point where curls of opposite directions meet forming a recessed area
Silicone Styling product ingredient that adds gloss and sheen to the hair whils creating textural definition
Finishing spray Hairspray used to lock in a stlye after completion
Foam or Mousse A light, airy, whipped styling product that resembles shaving foam and builds moderate body and volume into the hair
liquid gels or texturizer Styling products that are lighter and more viscous or sticky than firm-hold gels, used for easy styling, defining, and molding
pomade or wax Styling products that add considerable weight to the hair by causing strands to join together, showing seperation in the hair
Volumizer Styling product t6hat adds volume to the shape, especially at the base, when the hair is blow-dried
Created by: ctc
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