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PSSA Terms

Active voice When the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action in the sentence
Affix One or more letters occurring as a bound form attended to the beginning Middle or End
Adage A saying that sets forth a general truth that has gained credibility Through long use over time.
Allusion An implied or indirect reference to literature to a familiar person, place, or event.
Analogy An extended comparison showing the similarities of two things.
Analysis Process or result of identifying the parts of a whole and their relationship with one and other.
Central idea controlling point idea The unifying element of a piece of text.
Bias The subtle presence or negative approach to a topic.
Chronology The sequential order in which events occur
Cohesion A quality of writing where ideas, details, and arguments move logically and fluidly throughout a piece of writing.
Classification A strategy a writer uses to group ideas that are similar or related.
Convey To communicate or make known
Correlative conjunction Words that are used in pairs
Coordinate adjectives Two or more successive words in a sentence that modify or describe the same noun
Counterclaim An argument that is in opposition to the claim/position provided in argument - active writing. This adds credibility to the writing.
Dangling modifier A modifier that is not clearly attached to the word or phrase it's supposed to modify
Comparison verb The form that an adverb takes when comparing an act of matter of two different things.
Literary text Imaginative or creative text that is generally a narrative story.
Demonstrative To make evident or improve
Denotation The direct or dictionary meaning of a word
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