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Abdomen Comp Q's

Where does the CR enter for a supine abdomen? At the level of the iliac crests
Where does the CR enter for an erect abdomen? 2 inches above the iliac crests
What does KUB stand for? Kidneys, ureters, bladder
What structure separates the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity? Diaphragm
What muscles are seen on an abdomen if there is good KVP? The two psosas major muscles
What are the six organs of the digestive system? Oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
Where is the esophagus located? In the mediastinum of the thoracic cavity
What are the three digestive organs within the abdominal cavity? Stomach, small and large intestine
What is the first organ of the digestive system located in the abdominal cavity? Stomach
What is the first portion of the small intestine that is C shaped? Duodenum
What is the first 2/5's of the SI called? jejunum
What is the last 3/5's of the SI called? Ileum
What is the valve between the ileum and the cecum called? ileocecal valve
What is the saclike area of the LI below the ileocecal valve called? Cecum
What is the vertical portion of the LI above the cecum called? Ascending Colon
What is the horizontal portion of the LI called? Transverse Colon
What is the junction of the Ascending and Transverse colon called? Right colic (hepatic) flexure
What is the vertical portion of the LI after the transverse colon? Descending colon
What is the junction of the Transverse and descending colon called? Left colic (splenic) flexure
What is the distal S shaped region of the descending colon called? Sigmoid colon
What is the final 15 cm of the LI called? Rectum
What is the end of the rectum; terminal opening of the LI called? Anus
What are the accessory organs of the digestive system? pancreas, liver, gallbladder
Where is the pancreas located? posterior to stomach
What is the largest solid organ in the body? Liver
What substance does the gallbladder store? bile
What are the organs of the Urinary system? 2 kidneys, 2 adrenal glands, 2 ureters, 1 urethra, 1 bladder
What is the double fold of peritoneum that envelops a loop of small bowel? mesentery
what is the double fold of peritoneum that extends from lesser curve of stomach to liver? lesser omentum
what is the double fold of peritoneum that extends from transverse colon to greater curve of stomach anteriorly? greater omentum
What are the group of organs that are closely attached to the posterior abdominal wall? Retroperitoneal (such as kidneys, and pancreas)
what are the group of organs that are located beneath the peritoneum in the true pelvis? Infraperitoneal (such as bladder and repro organs)
what are the group of organs that are located within the abdominal cavity in the middle? intraperitoneal (such as liver, gallbladder, stomach)
What are the four quadrants of the abdomen? RUQ, LUQ, RLQ, LLQ
Which quadrant is the liver located in? RUQ
which quadrant is the cecum located in? RLQ
which quadrant is the stomach located in? LUQ
which quadrant is the sigmoid located in? LLQ
What are the nine ab regions? Right & left hypochondriac, Right and left lumbar, right and left inguinal, epigastric, umbilical, pubic
At what vertebral level is the xiphoid process? T9-T10
At what vertebral level is the inferior rib margin? L2-L3
what level are the crests? L4-L5
what level does the symphysis pubis correspond with? inferior margin of the abdomen
what breathing intructions are given for ab xrays blow out, hold out
what does the acute abdomen series best demonstrate bowel obstructions or perforation
what is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity called ascites
where is the CR for a lateral decubitus ab 2 inches above crests
what does the erect abdomen best demonstrate? air fluid levels
what position is the patient in for a dorsal decubitus supine
what position is the patient in for a ventral decubitus prone
what 3 views are included on an acute abdomen series erect ab (or lateral decub), pa chest, KUB
which images should you take first if patient comes to department erect? erect
Created by: marylgs145