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Veterinary Skin

Topical Antiseborrheics in general Keratolytic, too harsh for routine bathing, leave on for 5-10 minutes before bathing
Sulfer Nova Pearls, non-greasy, dry, seborrhea sicca, avoid in cats
Salicylic acid Avoid in cats, Routeen, Both oleosa and sicca
Coal Tar Avoid in cats, Nova Pearls, Oleosa
Benzoyl Peroxide Pyoben Shampoo, greasy seborrhea (oleosa)
Selenium sulfide Selsun Blue, greasy, seborrhea oleosa
Aluminium Sulfate White Lotion Tablets, Astringent
Magnesium sulfate Poltipaste, Epsom Salts, Astringent
Lanolin Bagbomb, Zincoderm, antipruritic
Oatmeal Episoothe, Antipruritic
Steroids - trianmclonone, hydrocortisone Panalog, Dermacool, Antipruritic
Iodine Astringent, antiseptic
Alcohol Astringent, antiseptic
Phenol Red Udder Ointment, Scarlet Oil, Astringent
Propylene Glycol Routeen, antiseptic
Chlorhexidine Hibitane, antiseptic
Acetic Acid Dermapet, Antiseptic
Epithelial Stimulators Promote wound closure, Zinc Oxide, aloe vera
Proteolytic enzymes Debride wound bed, Intrasite Gel
Wound cleansers Clean wound, Chlorhexadine, bedatine
Wound protectants Physical protection, Nexaband
Corticosteroids Antipruritic, slow granulation, Panalog, Gentocin Spray, Derma-Cool
Antibacterials Inhibit bacterial infection, Furacin
Antifungals Inhibit fungal growth, panalog, Koppertox
Created by: jtwilks