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Art Mid-Term Exam

The art terms that are on the art mid-term exam.

Shape A flat area enclosed by a line
Preliminary drawing The beginning sketches done before the final artwork
Organic Shapes Irregular or uneven shapes
Geometric shapes Precise shapes that can be described using mathematical formulas
Opaque Quality of material that does not let light show through
Translucent Thin enough to let light through
Transparent Clear enough to see through
Texture The surface feeling of an object
Implied texture The look of texture in an artwork
Space The area in which objects exist and the area within the objects
Positive space Shape or forms in two and three-dimensional art
Deckled edge A torn edge which makes a softer, more flowing feel to an artwork
Line The path of a moving point; a mark made by a moving drawing tool
Contour line The line that defines the edges and ridges of an object
Blind contour Drawing a contour line, looking at the object you are drawing, but not looking at the drawing itself
Still life A collection of inanimate objects used as subject matter in an artwork
Realism Mid-nineteenth century style of art in which familiar scenes, objects, and people are presented as they actually appear
Abstract Style of art that simplifies shapes of real objects to emphasize form instead of subject matter
Color A visual sensation produced on the eye by light
Color wheel A chart showing the color spectrum in its correct order
Primary colors The 3 basic colors from which all other colors can be mixed
Secondary colors Colors created by mixing equal parts of 2 primary colors
Monochromatic A color scheme made up of one color and the tints and shades of that color
Complementary A set of two colors that are opposite from each other
Printmaking A process in which an artist repeatedly transfers an original image from one prepared surface to another
Relief print A printmaking technique in which the artist cuts away the sections of a printing surface not meant to hold ink
Edition A series of identical prints made from the same printing plate
Brayer Roller with a handle, used to apply ink to a surface
Bench hook A metal plate used to stabilize your linoleum during printing to avoid injury
Created by: Rdog
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