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southeast reigion

wkbk:pg 49, and txtbk:pgs 93-98

how many states are in the southeast region? 12
what are some natural resources of the southeast reigion with farming? tobaco, soybeans, rice, peanuts, cotton
what are some natural resources of the southeast reigion with forests? paper, lumber, buildings, houses, trees
what are some natural resources of the southeast reigion with water? fish, shrimp
what are some natural resources of the southeast reigion with mining? coal, crude oil, oil, fossil fules
what is the broad area of the USA that stretches from the southern Atlantic Coast to the coast of california? the sun belt
what is the change from an agriculture-based economy to an industry-based economy? industrialization
what does NASA stand for? national aeronautics and space administration
what is washington,D.C.? the first planned city in the US
what state supplies citrus? florida
what states supply rice? arkansas, louisiana, mississippi
what kind of beetle eats cotton/ boll weevil (bowl wee vuhl)
what is a substance, such as plastic, paint, or asphalt, that is made from petoleum? petrochemichals
another name for the south is the sunbelt
______ was the most important crop for many years cotton
the _______ industry is one of the most important industries in the southeast textile
miami, florida, and new orleans, louisiana, are 2 major _____ ports
warm weather, sunny beaches, historic sites bring many ________to the south tourists
1996 summer olympics were held in ______. now it is a center of trade, transportation, and communication atlanta
_________, _._. is our nations capitol. it is home to the nations leaders and to hundreds of foreign diplomats washington,D.C.
where is the mississippi river? on the border of ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, AND MISSISSIPPI
where is the arkanasas river? `in arkansas
what state is orlando in? florida
what state is miami in floridsa
what state is tampa bay in florida
what state is jacksonville in florida
what state is birmingham in alabama
what state is mobile in alabama
what state is new orleans in louisiana
what state is memphis in tennesse
what state is chattanooga in tennesseee
what state is savannah in georgia
what state is charleston in south carolina
what state is charlotte uin north carolina
what state is norfolk in virginia
what state is ROANOKE IN virginia
what state is wheeling in west virginia
where i the ohio river on the southeast reigion map? on the border of kentucky and west virginia
where is the red river? louisiana
where is the tennesee river? tenessee and alabama
where is the james river virgia
where is lake pontchartrain? mississippi
where is lake okachoobee? florida
where is the evergades? florida
Created by: kaylastudies