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ch.6 studyguide

Unit 14 chapter 6 study guide

Heat naturally flows from _____ temperature to _____ temperature. higher, lower
________ can be thought of as how hot or cold something is, a measure of the average _______ _________ of molecules, and is measured with ______ temperature, kinetic energy, thermometer
As temperature increases, molecules move more quickly
if two objects are the same temperature, the one with the more _____ has more thermal energy. mass
The transfer of energy by the collision of molecules is conduction
the transfer of energy by the movement of fluids or gases with different temperatures is convection
The transfer of energy that does not require matter is radiation
Convection occurs in _____ and ______. liquids and gases
The best conductors of heat are metals
A material that reduces the flow of heat is an insulator
Gamma rays, X-rays, Visible light, ultra-violet, microwaves, infrared light, and radio waves were all examples of electromagnetic waves
All heating systems require some source of energy
A heat engine converts ______ into mechanical energy or work. thermal energy
When a liquid evaporates, it____ heat. absorbs
"The total energy used in a process is conserved" is a way of stating the ____ law of thermodynamics, 1st
_____ solar heating systems use solar collectors to heat water and pumps to move it through the house. Active
In a _____ ____ system, a fan moves warm air through ducts. forced air
A _____ _______ system employs large window on the sides of the buildings. passive solar
A ______ is a closed metal container that holds hot water or steam. radiator
An ______ _____ system uses heated coils in ceilings and floors to heat the surrounding air by conduction. electric heating
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